E.3 Running On Variable Terrain


Welcome to Episode 3 of the Obstacle Order podcast.

In this episode Philip and Elijah are back to talk about how to get ready for your next Obstacle Course race.

Specifically, this episode covers unique ways to prepare for variable terrain you may face on a trail.  Most people do most of their running on a treadmill, pavement, or track.  This episode will present you with some cool things to try that you might not have thought of yet to better prepare you for the variable demand a trail creates.

To prepare for uneven surfaces there is one great way: run on trails.  The problem is many of us don’t have access to trails.  One way to overcome this obstacle is to use imbalanced loads while running.  This effectively is a top down unbalancing rather than a ground up unbalancing (moving on an unstable surface.)

Elijah discusses his results from his 20k trail run in Rodeo Beach, CA.  And the guys go over their workout of the week.

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E.2 Hydration and Getting Primal


Welcome to Episode 2 of the Obstacle Order!

Hydration and a belated holiday primer

This is a brand new podcast.  Through learning the production process, the releases got a little behind the recording schedule. This episode was recorded around Thankgiving. Although the content is relatively time sensitive, it can be relevant and applicable to other times in the year.  Philip and Elijah discuss strategies for getting back on track after the holidays and wading through slower periods in training.  They also discuss hydration strategies, use of electrolytes and cramping.  Finally, the joy of getting primal.

Elijah discusses some strategies he uses for carbohydrate cycling.  Read more about this at his site

We mentioned the book Waterlogged by Tim Noakes.

Waterlogged discusses a potentially paradoxical relationship between hydration and performance: more water is not necessarily better.  Conventional wisdom tells people to drink as much water, as often as possible, during athletic competitions.  Tim Noakes believes that may be a mistake causing what he calls hyponatremic encephalopathy.  Basically that means drinking too much water and causing all sorts of problems including death.

Elijah discusses his tinkering with the concept of no hydration while running on long runs of up to 90 minutes.  While the results showed relatively low impact on performance, Elijah and Phil both agree how cool it is to run with minimal gear in a “Primal” way.

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E.1 Obstacle Order Podcast


Welcome to Episode 1 of the Obstacle Order Podcast!

Elijah and Philip are here to bring order to the obstacles you face.

In the inaugural episode you will learn about your hosts: Philip Levi and Elijah Markstrom

On this podcast they will  discuss strategies for obstacle course racing.

Proper preparation for obstacle racing can get confusing.  From training for the various demands of each type of race, to fueling your body properly, it can all be a little overwhelming.  Each episode, fitness experts Philip and Elijah will help you to make order out of the confusion that training for obstacle racing can bring.

Listen to the podcast to learn how to be better prepared for any type of race you plan on doing.  Whether it’s a  long distance like 13+ mile Spartan Beast or worlds toughest mudder or a shorter 4 mile Spartan Sprint or mud run,  these guys have you covered.  Listen for strategies to attack any type of spartan race or other obstacle race. Here’s a cool video explaining what spartan racing in all about.

Some specific topics that relate to obstacle race strategy are pre race, post race and training nutrition.   Also, structuring training over the course of a year relative to the events you are signed up for.   What is the best way to balance strength and endurance training to ensure great results and prevent overtraining?  We will dissect these topics and many more.

Philip and Elijah both earned their stripes as personal trainers at the number one gym in America, Equinox.  Through their continued education, both have a very broad understanding of fitness and maximizing performance.  Elijah earned a B.S in Exercise Physiology.  That knowledge base helps Elijah take a granular scientific approach to training and in particular focuses on how nutrition strategies can impact performance.  Philip on the other hand has a beastmode approach and flat out knows how to “Do work.”   He also has a very expansive knowledge of biomechanics.  This combination of grit and science offers you the listener a unique combined perspective on how to get the most out of your obstacle race training preparation.

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