E.6 Why do a Hard Workout?


Welcome to Episode 6 of the Obstacle Order Podcast.

Hard Workout Psychology: How Far is Too Far?

This episode highlights the psychology behind doing a hard workout. Beyond simply improving fitness, why would you do a really hard workout?  How can a hard workout get you back on track or derail you?  Philip and Elijah delve into their personal philosophy’s on why, from time to time, they put themselves through a workout that seems to be beyond their capacity.

Philip and Elijah are back to get current with the listeners.  Loyal listeners may have noticed there is a chronological lag in the release of the episodes. Philip and Elijah would like to catch up with this episode. Moving forward it will be easier to stay current with their races and training.

On this episode, Elijah discussed his poop.  Also, why he mailed it to Ubiome. Check out his post featured on the Ubiome blog to read more about it. He tells his story of how he dropped the ball on Valentine’s day (ladies’ your gonna love this). Elijah also talks about a new strategy he has implemented to stave off some of the wear and tear of running.

Philip recounts the epic “400” workout he completed.  He’ll explain how 18:23 seconds can be enough to get a great workout in.  He mentions some auxiliary “bro work” he is doing to avoid staying stagnant, while avoiding running to save his hips.

Together Philip and Elijah discuss the psychology of doing an extremely hard workout, whether you think you are ready for it or not.  They share their motivation to do what an outsider might view as “dumb”.  This is a funny episode you will not want to miss.

In the coming weeks, look out for some great interviews including Joe Pessano, Master ViPR trainer Matt Truscott and Spartan Champion Matt “bear” Navokovich.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a hilarious video mentioned on the show. This video is from BroScienceLife called “What Your Gym Gear Says About You


E.5 Learn How to Push Your Boundaries and Reaching New Limits from Pro Athlete Mario Flaherty


Welcome to Episode 5 of the Obstacle Order

In this episode , Philip and Elijah interview a special guest.  His name is Mario Flaherty.  Mario has quite an impressive resume.  He is very tall and spent some time getting very good at basketball, which led him to play at the professional level overseas in China and England.  Along with his prowess as an athlete, he carries an impressive professional background.  He achieved a masters in Business at Durham university in England.  In between his professional basketball career and his current role as the GM of the Broadway Tennis Center in Burlingame, CA, he quickly rose through the ranks of Equinox (the number 1 gym in America).

While at Equinox, Mario met Philip and as they say, the rest is history. Mario teaches you what it takes to elevate your life and training to the next level.  This episode delves into the psychology of training and recovery.  The guys offer insights into recovering from set backs and overcoming adversity.  Listen and you will learn about the Go Ruck challenge and how completing it took both Phil and Mario to new heights.

Learn about the importance of being signed up for and event and much more.  This is a great episode that you will enjoy.

Here is a link to the Broadway Tennis Center’s facebook page.  Check it out, throw them a like, it will be much appreciated.

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E.4 Still Thirsty? When Every Second Counts, How You Take Water in Can Be Make or Break


Welcome to Episode 4 of the Obstacle Order

Hydration is such an important topic that another episode has been dedicated to discuss hydration.  This episode dives a little deeper into Philip and Elijah’s approaches to drinking water during the race with the interest of speed and efficiency.

With the Spartan World Championships in Tahoe this year strategies for adjusting to altitude will be a running theme on the show.  Early on in this episode the guys brush over altitude training masks and whether or not they are effective to help a person adjust to performing at altitude.

Elijah discusses a difficult run he went on and how a higher volume in the gym may have impacted his performance on a 12 mile run.  There are times when you have to train when conditions are not ideal.

Next Philip and Elijah discuss their general strategies for staying hydrated at various distance runs.  Philip then asks Elijah how he would handle running a race in which he forgot to bring his hydration pack.  What specific technique would he use to avoid dehydration during that race?  In a long race are there ways you can take in water and get some extra recovery?  Depending on how competitive you are, may effect the way you literally approach hydration.  This episode really takes you inside of a race and tackles hydration situations that you may face on the course.

Listen in to get some great tips for hydration.

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