E.13 Preparing the Body For OCR Battle with Fitness Guru Jamie Atlas


Welcome to Episode 13 of the Obstacle Order.

In this Episode Philip and Elijah interview Jamie Atlas.  Jamie is a very accomplished person in the fitness industry.  He cut his teeth at “PT on the net” working with great names in the fitness industry like Gary Grey and Paul Chek.  His background in Neuroscience allows him to have a unique perspective on how the body works in concordance with the brain.  This episode focuses on how to better prepare the body for unpredictable demands, particularly in beginning obstacle course racers. Jamie offers his insights on ways in which you can become better prepared for the unknown.  Jamie is a wealth of knowledge and a really funny guy.  This episode is a pleasure to listen to.

You can find Jamie Atlas at the website for his gym Bonza Bodies.  There you will find his informative entertaining blog as well as more information about his style of training.

Of course you can find Jamie Atlas at his Facebook page.  He welcomes communication and would love to answer any questions you have.

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E.12 What is Wrong With CrossFit?


Welcome to the episode 12 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode, Philip and Elijah get together to discuss their recent training strategies.  They also discuss their workouts of the week.  As Philip delves into his experience with his Crossfit open 15.2 workout, the conversation shifts to discuss the merits of Crossfit.

Everyone knows Crossfit is a great workout, but when does the program design go to far?  Is the bad rap that Crossfit receives at times warranted?  Or do the people that criticize the sport have a limited understanding therefor not a leg to stand on?  Your hosts dive into that topic and have a little fun with it.

Elijah discusses how he has been using strategies he learned from Matt “bear Novakovich in Episode 7.  Learn how to incorporate a weighted vest to make up for a lack of grade capacity on the treadmill.  You can also hear how Elijah runs around San Francisco like a crazy person doing pull ups on trees.

Phil broke is phone trying to record a ViPR ruck he was doing.  This is obviously a funny story. Please give this episode a listen you’ll surely be entertained and you might learn something.

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E.11 Case Study Conrad Sherby Part 2: program design


Welcome to Episode 11 of the Obstacle Order Podcast.

On this episode Elijah finishes up his intake of Conrad Sherby.  In case you missed the first part,  check it out here.  Conrad is a great athlete and he wishes to shift his focus from strength primarily to endurance.  That is why the primary focus of his training program will be safely building up his running volume and strength endurance.

Elijah lays out his plan for Conrad relative to his Spartan Super in Monterey (6/6).  With a three month target, there is time to slowly build his base while maintaining strength.   Conrad has a more long term goal to complete the Tahoe beast World Championships.  Elijah Chose to use Monterey as a bench mark.  Between now and June, there will be two more episodes to check on how Conrad is progressing through the Program Elijah designed.  After Monterey, we will reassess and create the new plan that will prepare Conrad for the demands of a 16 mile course at altitude.

In addition to Conrad’s running program, Elijah programmed in two interval type workouts that will be obstacle course specific.  Conrad will practice going from strength exercises to running and back (a critical ability for obstacle course racing).  There will be two workouts of this fashion each week of his program.  One will be on a hill or a trail, the other will be in the gym simulating the demands of various obstacles.

Stay tuned to see Conrad’s progress


E.10 How 3D Movement Can Make You Faster On Variable Terrain With Matt Truscott


Welcome to Episode 10 of the Obstacle Order Podcast.

This episode compliments Episode 3 “Running on Variable Terrain”.  This episode focused on preparation for variable terrain.

Matt Truscott joins the show to discuss 3D movement training.  Matt compared 3D movement training to traditional strength training (linear loaded movement training).  How can the two compliment each other in the context of a training program?

This episode dove deep into a theoretical training program.  This program incorporates both 3D movement training and linear loaded movement training.  Matt discussed in detail, how to periodize in the context an obstacle racing season.

3D movement is helpful from injury prevention to improved overall structural integrity.  Both of these aspects will help the athlete improve overall resilience and performance.  Two topics which come up on the show all the time.

Why should you listen to Matt?  Matt spent the last two years traveling the world for ViPR as an educator to ViPR’s master trainers.  He has an expansive background in athletics, including college football.   His NFL aspirations were thwarted by a knee injury.  That injury became a blessing in disguise because Matt attained first hand knowledge on knee rehab. Combined with his continuing education at Equinox Fitness institute and ViPR, Matt is a great resource to understand proper biomechanics and injury prevention.

You can find Matt on his Facebook page here.  Matt’s page is great because he is frequently posting cool videos of unique exercises.



E.9 Case Study Conrad Sherby Part 1: Intake.


Welcome to Episode 9 of the Obstacle Order.

In this episode Conrad Sherby is introduced.  He is the Obstacle Order’s first case study client.  This episode features Elijah answering questions from Conrad to better prepare him for his first obstacle race.

After organized sports, many former athletes struggle to find their calling in fitness.  Without the clear purpose of sport they often wonder aimlessly just looking like they are in great shape.  But for some, they seek endeavors to challenge them in new ways.  That is what makes obstacle course racing so great.  There is a place for all types of athletes in the sport.  Enter Conrad:

Conrad is a fitness professional who is in great shape.  Many years ago in high school, he completed in Track and Field, swimming, wresting and cross country.  During and after college Conrad focused on endurance sports, including the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon.  He also enjoys rock climbing.  Most recently Conrad’s primary focus has been on Maximal strength in the big lifts (Squat, deadlift, bench press).  While he has a sound endurance base historically, he will need to be slowly reintroduce back into endurance training required for Spartan Racing.  Judging from Conrad’s history as an athlete, it is clear he likes to continually shift his focus to remain interested in training.

In this Episode, Conrad asks questions about recovery, gear, and nutrition.  Elijah does his best to cover each of these topics thoroughly.  Part two of this introduction to the case study will be more meat and potatoes of Conrads program.  The future episodes with Conrad will include check ins to see how training is going, pre race prep, post race recap and phase two of his training; getting ready for the BEAST.

Here’s Conrad’s American Ninja Warrior tryout tape:



E.8 How Joe Pessano Removed Hurdles to Return to Sport After a Broken Back


Welcome to Episode 8 of the Obstacle Order.

On this episode Philip and Elijah sit down with Joe Pessano.  Joe is an extraordinary human being.  Who has overcome extraordinary obstacles to be where he is today.  The focus of this episode is the mental game of training.  How does one know when to throttle back?  What are the signs of overtraining?  And when a seemingly insurmountable obstacle gets in your way, what do you do.  This episode is motivational and well worth listening to.

Joe takes us on his road to recovery from a debilitating back injury to completing the San Francisco Urnbanathalon.  This is a truly inspiring episode.

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E.7: Matt “The Bear” Novakovich


Welcome to Episode 7 of the Obstacle Order

This episode Matt “The Bear” Novakovich joins the show.  For people familiar with Spartan Racing “the Bear” needs no introduction.  In 2014 he won 8 races.  He is a member of the Spartan pro team and has been featured on NBC sport’s coverage of the Sport.  Check out this great feature video on the Bear to learn more about this amazing athlete.

Elijah takes this interview and digs in on some unorthodox training methods Matt uses to increase his fitness without breaking down his body too much.  We touch on nutrition, the state of the sport and much more.  Matt speaks about the importance of being a well rounded athlete in Spartan Racing. He explains why ultra runners will do better at the longer distances.  This interview is packed with great information.

Here is a link to Matt’s Facebook page.  Please visit the page and give him a “like”.

Please listen to this episode you will not be disappointed.