E.27 Optimal Strength Training for Obstacle Racing Endurance with Josh Courage


Welcome to Episode 27 of the Obstacle Order.

This is an Episode from the archives recorded back in March 2015, but the info inside is timeless and priceless!

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah sit down with Josh Courage of Courage Performance.  In this interview Josh goes into great depth about his background in athletics and what has led him to where he is today; the owner and operator of a successful strength and performance gym.

Josh tells the story of how his 6’1″ foot 220 lb frame ran one marathon per month for a year without getting injured or running vary much in between for that matter.

We delve into alternative ways to prepare for running endurance races that include less running than you may think is necessary.  How can you prepare your body and mind for the stressors of ultra marathons without logging so many miles during the week?   Creating balance as an athlete to support the primary sport specific improvement they desire.  How to build strength to support OCR.

You can find Josh at his facebook page here

Here is the info page for Courage Performance


E. 26 Take Your Workout to The Next Level With Project Resistance! Plus a Monterey Recap and Workout of The Week


Welcome to Episode 26 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah discuss their recent experience at the inaugural Project Resistance certification.  They also recap the Monterey Super and their experience there.  Monterey went well for Elijah despite being sick.  Philip has a few unfortunate mishaps with obstacles that resulted in burps.

They also discuss their recent workout strategies and look ahead to the rest of the Spartan Racing season.  Including specific strategies to prepare for the ATT part Stadium race.

This is a fun quick episode with some cool content.  Check it out!

E. 25 Training the Spartan Pros With Yancy Culp


Welcome to Episode 25 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode, Philip and Elijah sit down with Yancy Culp.  Yancy is a Spartan Racer, coach to Spartan Pros, personal trainer and football coach. In this episode you will learn about Yancy’s background and what led him into the world of OCR.

This show covers some of the differences between the different OCR companies.  Yancy explains how Warrior dash can be a great introduction to obstacle course racing.  He compares Spartan with Battlefrog.

As Yancy got more involved in Obstacle Racing, he starting coaching athletes.  He got so busy he had to expand his coaching business to an online offering.  This is called Yancy Camp.  Here you will be able to do the actual workouts, scaled down as needed, as the top Spartan Pros.   In Yancy Camp you are paired up with Spartan athletes including Matt “The Bear” Novokovich, Glenn Racz, Rose Wetzell, Isiah Vidal, Miguel Medina, April Dee and several more.  Many of which have been interviewed on this podcast!  There will be time slots during the week to interact with the athlete you choose and ask them questions you have about preparing for OCR.   Listen to find out all of the details.

We delve into some great training details, what’s going on in the world of obstacle racing and much more.  Learn how to manage training in the Aerobic and anaerobic zone and how to apply this to your next race.

Yancy is also involved with BeetElite one of the favorite products of the Obstacle Order.  Yancy also recommends this cool training tool called the Demon Sled.   You can contact Yancy directly through PM on Facebook.  Also, check out the Yancy Camp Facebook page

Play episode 25 here