E. 31 Isaiah Vidal and Yancy Culp: Creating a Super Hybrid Athlete.


Welcome to Episode 31 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Elijah and Philip are two parts of a four way interview with Yancy Culp and Isaiah Vidal.  This episode focused on the coach athlete relationship that Yancy (the coach) and Isaiah (the athlete) have.

The topics discussed are Yancy camp and how that relates to what Isaiah is doing in training and how that could impact a potential member of Yancy Camp.  For more on that, make sure to check out the past episode the Obstacle Order did with Yancy on the topic.

Also, the pair gives the audience insight into what it is like to train for a year round sport with inherent competing physical interests.  In other words, in a sport that requires and athlete perform in races ranging from  3-16 miles of Obstacle Course racing, with money on the line, how do Yancy and Isaiah keep their eyes on world championships when other important races with completely different demands also matter.

When the training for an extended climbing course overlaps with a short course on a motocross track, how does that impact training.  And, when the results don’t measure up in the shorter course, how does Isaiah manage the psychology of not winning.

You can find Isaiah Vidal on Facebook

You can find Yancy Culp on Facebook

E. 30 Brakken Kraker: From Pure Runner To Obstacle Racing Pro.


Welcome to Episode 30 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah are joined by Spartan Pro Brakken Kraker. Brakken is an accomplished Obstacle Racer and standout athlete on the Spartan tour.  He truly has the opportunity to win each race he toes the line for.

By listening to this episode you will learn what Brakken does to be so successful in the sport.  He tells his great story of how he got involved in the sport of OCR and how eventually, he turned a personal tragedy into a new Career path as a Spartan Pro.

One of the biggest challenges Obstacle Racers face is periodization for a year round sport.  Brakken explains how his approach has changed over the years and how it differs from the approach he used to take as a collegiate middle distance runner.

This episode also delves into a little bit of the behind the curtain details of Spartan, including how the world championships could be restructured to level the playing field a bit, and why the current structure is flawed. Brakken shares his opinion on the future of the Sport as it relates to Elite runners infiltrating the ranks and why current top pros might not have to worry about that phenomenon.

Another exciting topic covered in this episode is Project Apex.  Project Apex is a camp that Brakken has organized that will teach athletes and fitness professionals alike how to become better at training for Obstacle Racing.  Because the Sport of obstacle racing is unlike any other Brakken, has brought together Specialist in each of the following disciplines needed for success in OCR: Strength, Endurance, Obstacle Specific skills and Speed

The inaugural event was held August 14-15, but more will be coming in the future.  Stay tuned for that on the website for Project Apex


Brakken loves the product that Mud Gear provides.  From socks to Training plans, Mud Gear has you covered.

Brakken’s Athlete Page

Project Apex

E. 29 Overcoming Obstacles With Bryce Stanton


Welcome to Episode 29 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode, Elijah sits down with Personal Trainer and obstacle racing enthusiast Bryce Stanton. Listen to this episode to learn how Obstacle Racing transformed Bryce’s life and helped him to break some bad habits that no longer served him.

In addition to being a personal trainer, Bryce is an Orange Theory Coach and Certified Spartan SQX coach.  Needless to say he is very interested in promoting healthy living through fitness. But the path of health and fitness was not always the one Bryce followed.  He had a hard time staying out of trouble as a youth and excelled at breaking all of the rules.  Now Spartan Racing fills the time space that used to be occupied by unhealthy behaviors.

In 2012, Bryce started to turn his life around and  with church, weight lifting and Obstacle Course Racing.  When life’s obstacle’s have been so great, nothing seems insurmountable on the course.

This is a great episode for someone brand new to OCR.  A lot of topics are covered on the episode so it runs a bit long, but there is a ton of great content in the Episode.  Bryce shares his story of how Spartan racing helped him to overcome drug and alcohol abuse problems by providing a north star to go towards.

Bryce discusses the importance of community and why he loves that aspect of Spartan Racing and OCR in general.

You can contact Bryce via his Facebook page on this link.  He is more than happy to answer any questions you may have about getting started or getting better at OCR

Also, check out Bryce on his website here at brycestantonfitness.com

E. 28 Death Race, Steve Austin Broken Skull Challenge and Winning Races with Epic Hybrid Training’s Alexander Nicholas


Welcome to Episode 28 of the Obstacle Order.

In this episode, Philip and Elijah sit down with Spartan Pro Alexander Nicholas.  Alexander is an inspirational guy who manages many spinning plates.  Those plates include: being a restaurant owner; founder and CEO of Epic Hybrid training; being on various TV shows including Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge and American Ninja Warrior; and being a complete badass out on the obstacle course.

His racing resume includes the Mexico City Death Race, over 40 Spartan Races, which include 2 race wins and much more.  Listen to this episode to discover the details.

Alex has some great insights about the Spartan Pro team and how it could be improved.  Also, Spartan as a Spectator sport.  How could Spartan become more viewer friendly?

Learn how Alex maintains a 204 lb frame on a Pescatarian diet and more on Episode 28 of the Obstacle Order

You can find more information about Epic Hybrid Training here

Contact Alex directly here via Facebook

listen to Episode 28 here: