E. 35 How to Use Spartan Racing to Conquer Depression And Physical disabilities With Robert Mott


Welcome to Episode 35 of the Obstacle Order,

This is the second installment of the new segment on the show called Motivation Monday’s.  Here we highlight one person who has used Spartan Race to help transform their life.

This week Robert Mott Joins the show.  Mott was born with bilateral club feet, scoliosis and kyphosis of the spine.  Naturally, these disabilities would limit normal life activities, let alone completing a Spartan Race.  Robert takes us through his journey to transcend his physical limitations and do the seemingly impossible.

In 2009, Robert Mott’s doctor informed him if he did not get surgery to correct his Kyphosis he would either die or be permanently paralyzed because his vertebra would eventually sever his spinal chord. That surgery turned out to be a turning point for Mott as the rebound was a challenge. But from the low point he has ascended to new heights he could have never imagined growing up.

Listen to this episode to learn Learn how Robert Mott battles depression and physical disabilities and inspires others.

E. 34 Your Spartan World Championships Preview. Racing at Altitude, Proper Footwear for Squaw Valley, Fueling Strategies and More!


Welcome to Episode 34 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah are re-united after a long hiatus from doing catch up episodes.  This show focuses on what Philip and Elijah have been doing to get prepared for the  2015 Spartan World Championships at Tahoe.  They discuss gear including footware, hydration packs, shirts and shorts.  They also talk about specific fueling strategies they plan to use in the race.

You will learn what to look out for in terms of racing at altitude.  And even if you cant get the body physiologically prepared for altitude, there are some things to consider when racing above 6000 feet.  Enjoy this episode and pay attention, a ton of great info is covered!

The hay is in the barn as they say.  Hopefully you have a lot of hay in your barn.  While you won’t get much more fit between now and Tahoe, you can rest assured that this episode will help you to become better equipped to handle the racing conditions up there.

Episode 34

E. 33 Motivation Monday’s: Leti Becerra: Making Weight loss Stick With Spartan Racing


Welcome to Episode 33 of the Obstacle Order,

This episode is the first in a new series called Motivation Monday’s.  The previous episodes have focused on performance and training tactics. Don’t worry those will continue, but we wanted to add some new perspectives that will think will be helpful to many.

Many of the top Spartan Pros including world Champion Amelia Boone, Spartan Pros Matt “the bear”, Brakken Krakker, and Chad Trammell have come on the show to share their secrets on how they have become so great at this sport.  The hope is that through hearing their training tactics, as well as listening to advice from Fitness Professionals, you could become a better OCR athlete.

But there is another side to the sport that the majority of people reside on.  That is people who are on a fitness journey that may include weight loss, overcoming a disability or any other challenge that has hindered them in the past.  In motivation Monday’s, you will hear from the people who have used Spartan Race to find community and motivation to undertake a transformation that transcends shaving a few seconds off of their running pace or improving speed on the bucket carry.

The first guest for Motivation Monday’s is Letecia “Leti” Becerra.  Leti spent the better part of her 20’s yo-yo dieting and going on senseless plans that never stuck. It wasn’t until her boyfriend introduced her to Spartan Racing that she could make he weight loss stick.  Three years and 14 Spartan Races later, she has kept off over 50lbs and has dedicated her life to helping others to get what she has gotten from Spartan.  Listen to this Episode to learn how she did it.

Leti leading the crew

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E. 32 Chad “the Wolverine” Trammell: From Pure Runner to Hybrid Obstacle Racer


Welcome to Episode 32 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode Elijah sits down with stand out Spartan Athlete Chad “the Wolverine” Trammell.  Trammell is a pure runner with a background in Division I cross country at Pepperdine University.  As a young runner Trammell always enjoyed things like rock climbing lifting, but those things tended to detract from his running abilities, which is why when he discovered obstacle racing that seemed to be a perfect fit.  He could now marry the activities he loved with his naturally fleet feet.

That combination has proven greatly successful in the world of Obstacle Racing, as the Wolverine has amassed two victories, four second place finishes and has yet to finish outside of the Top 10 in any of the Spartan Races in 2015.  As of the airing of this episode, Trammel sits 10th in the point series and is a threat to win any race he enters.

Trammell exploits his love for running in the mountains of Alaska.  Recently he completed a sky running series event called Run The Rut.  This event has no obstacles, but will serve as a great prep for the Spartan World Championships at Squaw Valley, CA.

Trammell explains his learning process for transitioning from a pure runner to an Obstacle Racer.  It took some humbling experiences with heavy carries for him to learn that he would need to switch up his training in order to not only rely on simply being naturally a faster runner than his competitors. Learn how he did that in this podcast.

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