E. 38 Just Keep Going. With John Dickson


Welcome to Episode 38 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode Elijah sits down with John Dickson.  This is another installment of Motivation Monday’s. John is an Alarm technition from Las Vegas who went from 355 lbs to 220lbs in 16 months.  This is a story of his dedication and perseverance that led him to have incredible weight loss and save his life.

Listen to see how Spartan Race helped John along the way and his best advice for anyone on a weight loss journey.

You can contact John through facebook

Also check out Raw Fitness if you are in the Vegas area.

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E. 37 From Addicted to Drugs to Addicted to Spartan Races with Stephen Selting


Welcome to Episode 37 of the Obstacle Order

Today we have another installment of Motivation Monday

In this Episode Elijah sits down with Stephen Selting.  Stephen is a recovered drug and alcohol addict who has turned his life around.  Seven years ago Stephen raced prison time and was homeless. Now he races spartan races as an elite and contintues to run in the open classes to help others do Spartan.

This episode focuses on the mindset required to persevere in Spartan races and how Stephen draws back on the darker times in his life to find strength out on the course.  An interesting fact is that Stephen is a vegan we cover that on the show as well.

You can find Stephen on Facebook via this link

And on instagram here  @gorillaproteinlife



E. 36 Victor “Machete Beast” Carillo


Welcome to Episode 36 of the Obstacle Order!

This episode is another installment of Motivation Monday’s. This week Philip and Elijah sit down with Victor “Machete Beast” Carillo.  This is a story about a guy who didn’t want to live the standard american lifestyle and just work, sit in front of the TV after work and continue to increase his fat mass.  Victor will explain to you what led him to lose 70 lbs and start a movement in the Spartan Community.

Victor heads up the group fitness craze “Machete Madness” where hundreds of people get the oppurtunity to crush their limitations and see what they are really capable of.  All with the hopes of expanding the fitness life to other Latinos in the community. Victor is an inspiration to us all.

You can find Victor on social media

Instagram: @machete_beast

Facebook: Machete Beast Face Book Page

And the Machete Madness Facebook Page

Listen to the episode here: