E. 45 Philip and Elijah catch up: A Reintroduction and Maturing in The Endurance Game


Welcome to Episode 45 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode Philip and Elijah got the chance to sit down and catch up.  Rather than talk about recent race results or current training, this episode serves as a reintroduction of sorts.  When this podcast first started, both Philip and Elijah had minimal experience behind the mike. Things were a bit rocky on their initial introduction episode, so they decided to do it again.

If you have already listened to the first episode with their background, you might want to skip towards the middle of this episode when the topic shifts to being smart about injuries and staying in the game!

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E. 44 Spartan Pro Kate Cramer: High Expectations and Becoming a Spartan Pro


Welcome to Episode 44 of the Obstacle Order

In this episode, Elijah sits down with Spartan Pro Kate Cramer. Kate is a recent addition to the female Spartan Pro team.  Her primary athletic background is in Soccer where she excelled as a Division one player at LSU.  Kate is an impressive athlete with a winners mindset. Expect great things in the future from Kate Cramer.

Specific topics covered:

Background: Kate’s transition from soccer, to triathlon to working mom, to Spartan Race

First Spartan Race: What she learned from 300 burpees

Becoming a Spartan Pro: the spartan combine and getting full attention of the brass at Spartan

2015 in review: NBC race results including Montana, Breckenridge and Spartan World Championships

Training Strategies: climbing, keeping speed, and becoming obstacle proficient.

Mindset: sacrifice and balance

Contact Kate on Facebook

Website: www.katecramer.com

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E. 43 Laura Messner: From Wanna Be Britney Spears to Obstacle Racer


Welcome to Episode 43 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode, Elijah sits down with Spartan Pro Laura Messner. Laura has an interesting and unexpected background for a Spartan Athlete; she was an aspiring pop star.  In this interview, Laura discusses her transition from the clean superficial world of modeling and singing to the gritty muddy world of OCR and how that is a better fit for her.

Other topics covered:

Mindset: the proper mindset for attacking obstacles, training and racing

Recovering from injury: developing patience and resilience

Yancy Camp: how Laura got involved, and what Yancy Camp is.


Facebook: Laura Messner

IG @wickedlmessner

Twitter @wickedlmessner

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