Brakken Kraker Returns for a Live Coaching Call to Discuss Periodization and Race Prep


Welcome to Episode 53 of the Obstacle Order Podcast.

This is a special episode. Elijah sits down with his personal coach, Spartan Pro Brakken Kraker for a coaching call. Elijah and Brakken have been working together for about 4 months. They thought it would be a fun idea to do a live coaching call so those listening can see what Brakken’s coaching is about.

In this episode you will learn how one can work with Brakken and what it is like to work with a personal coach.  After the explanation of the coaching Brakken has to offer they jump into a coaching call similar to what any athlete working with Brakken would do on a weekly basis. During the call we discuss the following points:

Double days

lengthening intervals

Incorporating Strength training with running

OCR specific workouts

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E. 51 World’s Toughest Mudder Runner Up: Trevor Chichosz


Hi! Welcome to the Episode 51 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah had the honor of sitting down with worlds Toughest Mudder Runner up Trevor Chichosz. Trevor is a mild mannered former US marine with a penchant for extreme endurance. In this episode, he describes how he built his aerobic base through basic training and military operations.  Chichosz does not have a formal athletics background.  In his early years, he cut his teeth as a motocross racer and outdoor sports enthusiast. Now he does incorporate some more traditional run training strategies to improve his speed and endurance.

If you are avid listener of the show you have heard from Chad Trammel the 2015 WTM champion. If not listen here.

On this episode you will learn what it took for Trevor to finish just a few minutes behind Trammel.

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E. 50 Filling In The Gaps In Your Training: How to Balance Neglect and Hyper focus for Optimal Performance


Welcome to Episode 50 of the Obstacle Order, your source for all things OCR.

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down for a long overdue catch up episode.

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This one is a handful! This episode covers a wide range of topics including:

Filling the Gaps in your training: addressing your weaknesses as a pure runner or strength focuses athlete in OCR

Pure Runners vs OCR athlete: why a fast 5k time doesn’t always add up to a good OCR performance

Elijah as a competitive Tetris Player: for more on that, check out this great video on BuzzFeed

How to establish priorities in training and in life: why working on your favorite stuff generally will not lead to success on the course

The 2015 workout:

2015 Workout

The F.U.C.1K: Phil dominates the extreme grade in Auburn CA and makes a few friends along the way. Check out the race series here at

Elijah Battling injury: how he used alternative approaches to a fast recovery from plantar faciaitus .

Finally Elijah and Philip’s plans for the upcoming OCR season.

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E. 49 Spartan Pro Kate Cramer Overcoming Obstacles and Winning Races


Welcome Kate Cramer to Episode 49 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Elijah sits down with Spartan Pro Kate Cramer.  Kate was kind enough to come on the show previously.  If you would like to know more about her background and what led her down the path of obstacle course racing, check out that episode here:

Kate Cramer Part 1

Kate recently fractured her sacrum while training on her homemade rope set up christmas day.  She lay on the ground in tears not because of the pain, but because she didn’t want her kids to see her in pain. Not long after she was already thinking about how she would construct her comeback.  Adversity is nothing new for Cramer. As a child she suffered and Pars fracture that she didn’t even know about, until it hindered her performance her senior year at LSU as a division 1 college soccer player.

The great thing about Cramer is she didn’t even mention that in the first interview. This is telling about how she approaches training and life. This interview Elijah tries to extract what it takes to have such great perseverance despite the set backs and how to manage that so as to not push to far.

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