Focus, Balance and Strength with Tony Irwin


Welcome to Episode 57 of the Obstacle Order

In this episode, Philip sits down with Tony Irwin. Tony is a triathlete, yoga practitioner, weight lifter and fitness professional. He is based out of the San Francisco Peninsula. We dig into searching for a practice that is right for each type of athlete. Tony talks about utilizing yoga and other restorative techniques to fill the gaps and reset tissues between each training session. Doing this creates the greatest effect on your training program.

If you feel like your missing something from your training regimen then this is the episode for you. Breathing techniques are discussed and practiced during this episode. We cover the importance of focus and determining your intent. This can make or break an athlete in the training period and in competition.

Listen in and learn how to create mental drive and focus in your OCR training. Success through practice and learning by experience is the name of the game here.

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You can find tony at

Nandi Yoga

Crossroads Fitness



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Brakken Kraker on the Future of OCR


Brakken Kraker is back on the Obstacle Order to share his thoughts on the future of OCR

In Episode 56 of the Obstacle Order Brakken Kraker spends some time with Elijah to discuss where he thinks the sport will go in the future. Some controversial topics are covered. You won’t want to miss this episode if you are a fan of the sport of OCR itself.

How could the race structure be changed in order to allow the race to go more smoothly? Should the waves be divided in to a pro field, competitive wave and open wave? What should the qualifications standards be to get into said pro wave. Is doping a big problem in the sport and would the purchase of a pro card help to alleviate that? All these questions and more are answered by Brakken Kraker during this call.

Also, the future of the sport. Will OCR follow in the footsteps of MMA or CrossFit or will it go down in flames as another fitness trend. Will the success of the sport depend on race series merging or will Spartan attempt to suffocate the competition and be the last one standing.

When considering changing OCR events who should be considered the most: the open class racer or the competitive field?

Finally, will the genetic talent pool absorb the current high level OCR athletes.

This is a fun episode with a ton of interesting topics covered. Please comment on the facebook page and open a conversation about what was covered on this episode with Brakken Kraker.

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Episode 56

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Ep. 55 BattleFrog Results and Training – Phil and Elijah catch up


Welcome to Episode 55 of the Obstacle Order.

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to catch up and recap their results from the BattleFrog San Francisco race. This is a fun episode with some cool insights into Elijah’s training.

Eli BattleFrog

The topics covered are the importance of assessing. Learn what the phrase: “If you ain’t assessing, your guessing” is all about.

Elijah goes over his latest MAF results. This leads the host to discuss garmin GPS accuracy as well as in general why it is so important to continually track your progress.

Both Philip and Elijah give detailed accounts of their experience at BattleFrog San Francisco including, course design, the platinum rig, mandatory obstacle completion, the two lap format and more! Also covering is why underestimating and obstacle course or being underprepared is never a good idea. And what is the deal with distance creep?

Phil BattleFrog

Elijah laments about altitude at Squaw valley and questions  whether or not he will be competing at the Spartan World Championships.

Finally Elijah describes some of the training he has been doing and what is next on the agenda for the race season. 

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Solo OCR Philosopher on the Perfect DNF and Life Cycle of An OCR Athlete


Welcome to Episode 54 of the Obstacle Order

Embracing pain and discomfort. Seeking failure. Finding your why. These are a few of the topics covered on this episode of the Obstacle Order.

In this episode Elijah sits down with Ekaterina Solovieva, affectionately known as Solo in the Obstacle Racing community.  Solo is an Toronto based blogger and obstacle racer who covers all things obstacle racing and extreme endurance. Solo is a deep thinker and takes a unique perspective to OCR.

With 6 years in the game, she is practically as old as the sport of Obstacle Racing itself.

Some of her standout events include: the inaugural Spartan Ultra Beast in 2013, the 2013 Spartan Death Race, the Great Canadian Death Race which is a 123k trail race, the 2015 Obstacle Racing World Championships and the Fuego Del Agua. Clearly when it comes to having a experience doing epics things, Solo is a great resource.

She didn’t start out climbing up a volcano in knee deep mud. It all started with a 5k warrior dash. Listen to this episode to see how Solo progressed from a noob in cotton to a Obstacle Racing expert.

You can learn more about Solo on her blog at

On this site you will find all of the various ways to get in contact with Ekaterina Solovieva. She is a true wealth of knowledge has intense passion for life and OCR

Here is a clip from fight club referred to in the show

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