E. 61 Performance Diagnostics for Hard Charging OCR Athletes


Welcome to Episode 61 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode Elijah sits down with professional mountain bike racer and functional diagnostics professional Chris Kelly. In case you missed it, Elijah appeared on Chris Kelly’s podcast last week to discuss tips for beginner obstacle racers. This week Elijah got the chance to interview Chris and get the details about what he does over at Nourish Balance Thrive.  Check out the website after listening to this episode to see all of the cool stuff he has going on over there.

They get discuss the details of how a functional medical practitioner (FMP)is different that a standard General Practitioner medical Dr. And why a performance athlete may benefit from the closer look a FMP will provide.

They discussed what Chris’s intake looks like and what working with him is like. Why is it important to get proper lab testing before starting a supplement regimen? How can that save you time and money? Elijah asks those questions and more on this episode of the obstacle order.

The demands of training for Obstacle Racing are high and can be a huge stress on the body. By measuring various biomarkers you can pin down exactly which supplements would be the best for you . Listen to this episode to see which supplements best boost aerobic performance. Most standards for how much of each nutrient is recommended are based on normal activities, not the extreme about of abuse obstacle racers put their bodies through on a daily basis. Why not take a look under the hood and see what is going on to maximize performance?

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Training Advice for a New Obstacle Racer


Welcome to Episode 61 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode the tables are turned and Elijah is being interviewed by Christopher Kelly of the Nourish Balance Thrive podcast. This interview covers Elijah’s background and how he got into obstacle racing. Chris is a mountain biker so Elijah dissects what Chris might need to do in order to prepare his body for the rigors of OCR.

If you are a seasoned OCR athlete, this might not be the episode for you. If you are new to the sport and just want to know what it is all about, give this show a listen it will be very valuable for you.

We cover the importance of being able to do a pull up in life. How being fit for mountain bike racing might prepare one better for OCR than road cyclist.

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Building a Great Athlete into an OCR Athlete, Johnny Luna-Lima and Jon lucchesi


Welcome to Episode 60 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode, Elijah sits down with elite obstacle racer Johnny Luna-Lima and his coach Jon Lucchesi. Jon cut his teeth at the university of Oregon and was a member to of 2001 National Runner up football team. He currently works as a trainer and performance coach at The Studio in Danville. After college he needed a new way to challenge himself. He found the sport of triathlon and later transitioned to mountain running and ultra running. That combined with his background in strength training has made him a great curator of workouts to apply to OCR athletes.

Johnny Luna-Lima

Johhny is a standout OCR athlete that has a bright future in the sport and will be rubbing elbows with the top elites in no time. With a 20th place finish in the 2015 Tahoe Spartan Beast World Championships and 3 top 10 finishes that year, Johnny has nothing but upside as a 20 year old getting started in the sport of OCR.

Johnny Luna-Lima

This episode focuses on how Jon periodizes Johnny’s season as it relates to Strength Training, building aerobic endurance and holding sustained high intensity efforts as well as OCR specific training. This episode is packed with a ton of great content about how to take a great athlete and dial everything in to make them a great endurance athlete and OCR athlete.  They talk about finding the balance between ambition and foresight as it relates to coaching a young talent.

Johnny Luna-Lima

Currently Johnny is rehabbing a stress fracture in his shin. Jon talks about his strategy for working with that injury while maintaining strength and fitness. This is simply an episode you will not want to miss!

Johnny mentions the Machete Recon event this Saturday 4/16/16

Also, Oral IV

Contact Johnny on Instagram @johnnylunalima

To find more information on Jon Luchhesi check out getendorfit.com and a The Studio

If you are interested in remote coaching or would like to work with Jon in person contact him via email jonlucchesi@gmail.com

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Motivation Monday’s: Courtney Knapp How to Find Balance in Training


Welcome to Episode 59 of the Obstacle Order.

Motivation Monday’s is back! Sorry for the wait.

This is a unique version of Motivation Monday because it highlights an athlete that primarily had to overcome her tendency to train too hard. This is not a weight loss story, this is not a story of a person overcoming a physical disability to conquer their fears.

It’s the story of Courtney Knapp who has had to overcome her own mind and natural tendency to overtrain and neglect her body’s needs.  Courtney explains how as a 20 year old college runner she lost years of training and performance because she was overtrained and undernourished. Also, Courtney learned to respect where she was at as an older athlete and trust the process of training harder not smarter. After a 8 year layoff from any competitive athletics she has found a resurgence of her athletic career in OCR and triathlon.

Courtney Knapp

Elijah interviews Courtney and extracts some very valuable nuggets that Courtney has picked up along the way. These strategies not only keep her in the game rather than on the sidelines, but have her improving with minimal stress load and maximal effect.

From grip strength, to running speed, to running endurance, Courtney explains why more is not always more. If you ever struggle with overtraining and thinking you have to “win” every workout, your going to want to listen to this episode.

Courtney Knapp

Courtney loves to share her passion for sport and finding balance with others on that journey. She prefers Instagram to Facebook FYI, but says she won’t mind being contacted on either.

Check her out on Instagram: @tougherthanatwodollarsteak

Check her out on Facebook

Also, she mentions the TPK endurance, sounds pretty sweet!

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Vegas Super Spartan: An Epic Journey


Welcome to Episode 58 of the Obstacle Order.

In this Episode Philip and Elijah catch up and recount their experience during the Vegas Super Spartan. This is not a detailed, training strategy focused episode. It’s more a story of how Philip and Elijah’s get to the the “Vegas” super, what it was like for them and what Philip and Elijah learned about themselves through the event.

Elijah talks about shifting his perspective in order to achieve greater things. Why having unknown workouts is a good thing despite the fact that he hates not being able to prepare days in advance of workouts.

In this episode there is a healthy amount of banter with a few gold nuggets of information along the way. Including a detailed breakdown of the Wok Pull and an exercise that you can incorporate into your training to prepare you for battle on race day.

Also, Elijah explains the workout he did the morning of the recording.It’s a fun episode! Check it out here: