E. 66 Philip Gets Lost, Elijah Just Misses the Podium, and Thermal Detonators: AT&T Sprint Recap


Welcome to Episode 66 of the Obstacle Order.

AT&T Sprint Recap

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down to recap the AT&T park stadium sprint. Philip got lost and Elijah got a podium tease. This is a short episode that will get you caught up on all things Philip and Elijah. Also, they discuss what is next in terms of racing and how training has been going.

Topics discussed:

Elijah injured hip

AT&T Sprint Recap

Philip losing time in the bleachers at AT&T park


Philip’s race plans and goal to podium in Texas


A new recovery tool called the Hypershere

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E. 65 American Ninja Warrior’s Kevin Bull: Optimal Grip Programming and Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge


Welcome to Episode 65 of the Obstacle Order!

Kevin Bull

In this episode Elijah sits down with American Ninja Warrior Star Kevin Bull. Kevin is a member of the team Grit on the upcoming show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.  Kevin started out as a Collegiate Decathlete in which he won the conference title at CSU Stanislaus. Training for decathlon  helped him to learn how to best allocate time to training when the demands of a sport are multifaceted.  He also started doing Crossfit once his collegiate career was over.  He saw American Ninja Warrior on TV and then decided to try out for the TV show and made it!

You will want to listen to this episode because Kevin shares some tips on how an OCR athlete can maximize their time when it comes to grip strength and endurance. Listen to this episode to see how you can be the most efficient for everything from the multi-rig to the herc hoist and everything in between.

Also, you can learn why specificity is not always best when getting prepared for obstacle racing. And who Kevin thinks would have a better shot transitioning between sports, and ANW or a Spartan.

Topics discussed:

Kevin’s Athletic Background

Optimal programming for Grip strength and Endurance

What is “contact strength” and why that is important for events that challenge your grip

Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

Kevin Bull
Team Grit, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

You can find Kevin on:




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E. 64 Dog Runs, Crackers, the Savage Barn, Lance Armstrong, and Doping in OCR: Philip and Elijah Catch up


Welcome to Episode 64 of the Obstacle Order

This is a catch up Episode with Philip and Elijah that you will not want to miss. Many topics are discussed including, the Seattle Super race recap, Lance Armstrong and the topic of transition athletes to the sport of OCR, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Dog Runs and the Savage Barn.

You’ll have to be patient with this one as Philip and Elijah are in extreme banter mode. But at the end of the day some quality content ensues as Elijah and Philip discuss a varied group of topics.

Episode highlights:

Mary’s Gone Crackers: delicious, healthy gluten free vegan crackers!

Mary's Gone Crackers

Savage Barn: Johnny Luna Lima’s epic OCR training center

Savage Barn

Dog runs: how running next to the trail and sidewalk can help you in OCR

listener reviews: Elijah reads some reviews from listeners and one lucky listener will be receiving a pack of BeetElite


Lance Armstrong did 180 burpees: what it takes to transition into OCR and be competitive at a high level.

Lance Armstrong and Yancy Culp
Photo by: Liz Kreutz

This is a fun episode, check it out!

E. 63 Leaderboard and Montana Race Preview


Welcome to Episode 64 of the Obstacle Order.

In this Episode Brakken Kraker is back again to discuss a new online coaching product called Leaderboard.

Brakken is a Spartan Pro and a coach to Obstacle Racers. He has appeared on the Obstacle Order Podcast three times.  To get caught up on who Brakken is and what he has to offer as a coach, you’ll definitely want to check out the following episodes:

Episode 56, Brakken discusses the future of OCR

Episode 53, which is a live coaching call between Elijah and Brakken

Episode 30, this is an introduction to Brakken and his story

As far as this call Elijah and Brakken are joined by Zach and Taylor from www.leaderboardfit.com. Taylor is responsible for building the product and Zach is head of marketing and community relations. The episode goes into great detail about what LeaderBoard is and who might be a good candidate for their initial launch trial. LeaderBoard is a communication platform on which clients and coaches can share workouts and feedback. Initially, the product will feature Brakken Kraker and the coach and will start off with a small group of ten to be coached by Brakken. The coaching includes running volume, pre race warm up, post race cool down, OCR specific workouts and some nutrition.

The second section of this Episode highlights the start of the Spartan US championship series which is the Montana Sprint. Brakken picks his favorites to win.

All applicants can register for leaderboard via this registration link

Only 10 will be chosen for the initial offering! So act fast!

Go to LeaderBoardfit.com to get more details

E. 62 How Spartan Race helps Christian Banda with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease


Welcome to Episode 63 of the Obstacle Order

Parkinson's Disease

This episode is another installment of the Motivation Monday’s series. Today Elijah sits down with Christian Banda. Several years ago Christian was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease. Along with medication, a novel approach to treatment involves incorporating steady state cardio exercise. Christian prefers running and uses that training to prepare for Spartan Race. This story is an example of a person truly making lemonade out of lemons.

Parkinson's Disease

Listen to this episode to hear Christian’s inspiring story of how he completed his first obstacle race and how that has helped him to manage his disease. There was a time when Christian saw his diagnosis as a death sentence. Now he sees it as a blessing in disguise and is living in the now! This is a great story you will not want to miss.

Parkinson's Disease

For more on Parkinson’s disease and what you can do to help check out this website

Parkinson's Disease

You can contact Christian Here on Facebook

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