E. 70 Allie Toepperwein: American Ninja Warrior


Welcome to Episode 70 of the Obstacle Order!

Allie Toepperwein

In this Episode Philip sits down with Allie Toepperwein. She is the founder of LitWithinblog.com , a social network for personal empowerment. She is also a mud run participant and competitor on American Ninja Warrior. One thing she does that separates her from the pack is compete and win all while having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Allie Toepperwein
A single mother, this self proclaimed bad ass is tearing up the courses and inspiring millions along the way. Her story is truly one of motivation and self empowerment. The Obstacle Order was lucky to  share her uplifting and inspirational story. Listen to see how Allie turned turmoil into triumph and is using her diagnosis of Parkinson’s as fuel to light her fire from within.  Allie takes you through her progression of diagnosis to getting onto American Ninja Warrior and Savage Race.
Allie Toepperwein
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E. 69 Derrick Price: Tissue Hydration and Optimal Movement


Welcome to Episode 69 of the Obstacle Order,

Derrick Price

In this episode Philip sits down with Derrick Price. Derrick is the programming officer for The Institute of Motion, a world based organization that helps people move well and move more often in order to increase quality of life and longevity.

In this episode we discuss tissue hydration and mobility strategies to assist in warming up before a workout or a race. If you’re at all into what your body is doing when it performs for you then tune into this episode of The Obstacle Order.

Philip and Derrick delve into daily strategies you can incorporate to stay more mobile and why that is important. Is sitting the new smoking? According to Derrick that is a lark. Being sedentary is whether you are standing or not. Because we sit or stand still so much all day, it is important to not only have a specific movement strategy, but to also know how to pepper mobility into your life. This will allow for a more healthy lifestyle and increase longevity.

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Derrick’s bio:

Derrick Price has been active on many levels in the fitness industry for over 12 years.  He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with an emphasis on injury prevention and performance enhancement from the California University of Pennsylvania where he has also spent time as an Adjunct Faculty member teaching courses in Exercise Program Design. He has served the fitness industry as an educator and consultant for many companies including NASM, PTA Global, ViPR, Mossa and Technogym to name a few. Currently he is the Programming Officer at the Institute of Motion and Adjunct Faculty at Point Loma Nazarene University teaching the first ever graduate level course on Loaded Movement Training. Derrick currently resides in San Diego, CA where he is a health coach and Pain-Free Movement Specialist at the acclaimed Function First Exercise Studio.

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E. 68 Monterey Super Spartan Recap


Welcome to Episode 68 of the Obstacle Order,

Monterey Super Spartan

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss the Monterey Super Spartan Race. Also, an alternative to BeetElite is discussed and Philip poses the question: does it matter? Is BeetElite some how special?

Eli Spartan Multi-RigPhil Spartan Multi-Rig

Elijah laments missing the rig and Phil celebrates beating Elijah for the first time in a while. In this episode the Phil and Elijah dissect new obstacles and discuss various strategies for them. What went wrong, what went right.

Phil and Eli Bucket Brigade

All the stars were out in this super competitive field which is one of the 6 legs of the US Spartan Championship series.

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E. 67 Maggi Thorne- Spartan Team Challenge (Team Grit), Miss International, State Champion, American Ninja Warrior


Welcome to Episode 67 of the Obstacle Order,

Maggi Thorne

In this episode Elijah sits down with Maggi Thorne. A small amount of her list of accomplishments include, Miss International 2014, Worlds Toughest Mudder Runner up 2013 and Member of team Grit on the new show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.  Yes, that was a mouthful and yes Maggi is all of those things and much more. Maggi is a true inspiration. Six years ago she turned personal tragedy into a life of serving others and kicking a lot of butt along the way!

Maggi with Team Grit

In this episode you will learn how Maggi went from being a workaholic who often was not there for her family and friends to a person who donates her time to charity.

Maggi Thorne Herc Hoist

Learn the unique way in which Maggi prepared for the WTM and went onto run 70+ miles having not run over 8 at once previously. Maggi is great and her light burns bright! This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Soles for souls: give shoes give love

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Facebook: Maggi’s athlete page


Instagram: @nvr_gvup