E. 76 Ben Greenfield: Altitude Hacks, Minimalistic Training, Advanced Recovery Tactics and More


Welcome to Episode 76 of the Obstacle Order podcast

Ben Greenfield

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah sit down with Ben Greenfield to discuss altitude hacks, the minimalist approach to training, advanced recovery tactics and more.

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is the host of the Ben Greenfield podcast which covers a wide variety of topic related to health and performance. Also, he host another podcast dedicated to obstacle racers called Obstacle Dominator.

Ben Greenfield

With a masters in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics Ben is no stranger to the finer details of sports performance. That coupled with a more “ancestral” approach to fitness makes Ben the go to source of information for people looking to perform at a high level without sacrificing their health along the way.

Topic covered:

Maximizing training time

Peppering in Exercise to develop aerobic base

Sauna therapy, hot cold contrast showers and compression boots for recovery

You can find Ben over at his website www.bengreenfieldfitness.com for much more details on all the topics covered in todays podcast.

Also, Obstacle Dominator for more OCR specific content

And check out his book here 

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E. 75 Phil and Eli Recap the San Francisco Super


Welcome to Episode 75 of the Obstacle Order

San Francisco Super

In this episode Philip and Elijah recap the San Francisco Super Spartan Race which took place in Diablo Grande.  A hot day with a lot of hills was the story of the day.  The hosts discuss many topics on this show including some upcoming events you won’t want to miss including:

San Francisco Super

Richard Diaz running clinic. July 23 and 24th at the Savage Barn in Pleasonton

Richard Diaz interview

The Savage Barn OCR clinic series presented by the Obstacle Order

Listen for advanced strategies on picking the proper lines on the course, running downhill, practicing for obstacles and more.

San Francisco Super

Philip used cryotherapy as a way to recover from the race check out his video he made about that here

If you live in the bay area check out the Performist for cryotherapy

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E. 74 Battling Injury and How to Know When to Take a Break


Welcome to Episode 74 of the Obstacle Order!

Battling Injury

This is Part two of a two part catch up episode in which Philip interviews Elijah. This Episode Philip interviews Elijah about his recent stent being injured. Elijah has been battling a hip injury for almost 2 months now. Philip will try to tease out what has been going on in Elijah’s head as he takes a step back from steady training to rehab his hip. They discuss the mind state that comes along with being injured and how much of a struggle that can be at times. Elijah also gives some tips on how to stay fit while taking a “break”.

Injury is a part of the sport it’s knowing when to step back and when to come back that is the key. If you are currently battling injury or have in the past, this is an episode you will definitely want to listen to.

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E. 73 Running Expert Richard Diaz On The Importance of Metabolic Testing


Welcome to Episode 73 of the Obstacle Order

Richard Diaz

In this Episode Philip and Elijah interview running coach Richard Diaz. Richard has been in the game of running and performance longer than our hosts have been alive. He was nice enough to come on the show to discuss the importance of running mechanics and well as how to better target training using metabolic testing. Both of which can be addressed at his OCR clinics.

Richard will be coming to the bay area July 23 and 24th 2016 to conduct one of his running clinics!

This episode not only describes what one can expect at the running clinics, but also why any runner can benefit from attending. We often take much care to learn proper techniques for many things in life. Why not running form? Also, by getting your thresholds measured you can take out the guess work in training. Specific training will get specific optimal results. You can sign up for the running clinic HERE. This podcast goes into some great detail about common pitfalls in running form and how to address them. Also, common mistakes people make in their training that limit them from great results.


Make sure to mention the Obstacle Order when you sign up!

Richard can be found on Facebook

Check out his podcast HERE

E. 72 Leaderboardfit Update with Brakken Kraker


Welcome to Episode 72 of the Obstacle Order.


In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down with Zack, Taylor and Brakken Kraker from the LeaderBoardfit team. In this episode Brakken discusses his season so far and how it has been limited by a broken toe. We get into some specific strategies he is using to stay fit while being limited in the capacity to run. Also, what his plans are for the rest of the season and how he can get back on top!


Also the crew delves into some of the great results that people are getting from being a part of Project Apex.


If you haven’t done so already, you’re going to want to listen to Episode 64 in which the Obstacle Order introduced leaderboard to the public. This episode gives the uninitiated an overview of what leaderboard is and why one can benefit from joining.

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E. 71 18 Seconds From The Podium, Philip Recaps Dallas AT&T Spartan Stadium Sprint


Welcome to Episode 71 of the Obstacle Order

Phil and Spartan Spencer

This is part one of a two part catch up episode in which Elijah interviews Philip about his experience at the ATT Stadium Race in Dallas Texas. Philip has some issues getting online as the episode opens. Eventually the hosts get on task and jump into all things ATT park. Phil narrowly missed the podium, got really hot, and ran a clean race with no burpees. Here Elijah interviews Philip the entire episode. While for the most part they stay on task, there were a few diversions. Here is a the video Elijah brought up:

Dallas AT&T Spartan Stadium SprintDallas AT&T Spartan Stadium SprintDallas AT&T Spartan Stadium Sprint

This podcast is a story of a race told by Philip and it is quite entertaining. Stay tuned for Part two of this episode with Philip interviews Elijah about dealing with a recent injury.

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