E. 92 Sacramento Spartan Race Recap


Welcome to Episode 92 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode of the obstacle order Philip and Elijah recap their experience at the Sacramento Spartan Race Weekend. Philip did the super and sprint and Elijah did just the Super. This race served as a season ender for Philip and will be Elijah’s penultimate race.

Sacramento Spartan Sacramento Spartan

For many people this is the first race since the Spartan World Championships. Listen to find out how this race was a little different experience than the others this season.

Sacramento SpartanSacramento Spartan

If you did not participate in the Sac Spartan you will get a very thorough explanation of the terrain. Also, Joe De Sena makes an appearance.

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E. 91 Off Season Training, Intermittent Fasting, and Confidence. Philip and Elijah Catch Up


Welcome to Episode 91 of the Obstacle Order,

Off Season Training

In this Episode Philip and Elijah catch up after a long hiatus. This episode begs the question: “if there is never a central topic can there really be a tangent?”

Off Season Training

While this episode primarily serves to get you caught up on the life and times of Elijah and Phil, there are still some gold nuggets of actionable information dispersed throughout the show. Some of the topics covered include:



Intermittent fasting

The effect of fasting on Heart Rate

High Fat training

Finishing the OCR season and prepping for the “off season”

Please enjoy this Episode!

E. 90 Make Obstacles Your Strength With Ryan Kempson


Welcome to Episode 90 of the Obstacle Order!

Ryan Kempson

In this episode Elijah sits down with Ryan Kempson of Advanced Movement Athletics. Ryan is an outside the box thinker who likes to take a holistic approach to Obstacle Course training. This podcast covers the fundamentals of Ryan’s coaching and training philosophy.

Ryan explains how conditioning is not just about aerobic fitness, but it’s also about learning and practicing foundational movement patterns that teach you how to become a better athlete. In doing so, you will acquire great obstacle immunity.  This will shift your perspective on how you see obstacles from something that is impeding you, to something that you can gain an advantage on the field during.

Ryan also talks about the Burdenko method and how that course shifted his perspective on both training and recovery.  Ryan will be teaching all of these strategies and more in an upcoming clinic at the Savage Barn November 5th.

To sign up for the clinic follow this link

To find more about Ryan and the rest of the coaches at Advanced Movement Athletics go here

Here is an example of some of the stuff Matt does over at AMA

Ryan on Facebook

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