E. 30 Brakken Kraker: From Pure Runner To Obstacle Racing Pro.

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Welcome to Episode 30 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah are joined by Spartan Pro Brakken Kraker. Brakken is an accomplished Obstacle Racer and standout athlete on the Spartan tour.  He truly has the opportunity to win each race he toes the line for.

By listening to this episode you will learn what Brakken does to be so successful in the sport.  He tells his great story of how he got involved in the sport of OCR and how eventually, he turned a personal tragedy into a new Career path as a Spartan Pro.

One of the biggest challenges Obstacle Racers face is periodization for a year round sport.  Brakken explains how his approach has changed over the years and how it differs from the approach he used to take as a collegiate middle distance runner.

This episode also delves into a little bit of the behind the curtain details of Spartan, including how the world championships could be restructured to level the playing field a bit, and why the current structure is flawed. Brakken shares his opinion on the future of the Sport as it relates to Elite runners infiltrating the ranks and why current top pros might not have to worry about that phenomenon.

Another exciting topic covered in this episode is Project Apex.  Project Apex is a camp that Brakken has organized that will teach athletes and fitness professionals alike how to become better at training for Obstacle Racing.  Because the Sport of obstacle racing is unlike any other Brakken, has brought together Specialist in each of the following disciplines needed for success in OCR: Strength, Endurance, Obstacle Specific skills and Speed

The inaugural event was held August 14-15, but more will be coming in the future.  Stay tuned for that on the website for Project Apex


Brakken loves the product that Mud Gear provides.  From socks to Training plans, Mud Gear has you covered.

Brakken’s Athlete Page

Project Apex

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