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E. 85 Tahoe Intel, 2016 Spartan World Championship Predictions, and Fueling Strategies for Altitude


Welcome to Episode 85 of the Obstacle Order,

Spartan World Championship

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss their final preparations for the 2016 Spartan World Championships at Squaw Valley. Elijah discusses his last key workout before the race and defines “tempo pace”. Philip offers some sweet intel from the course he was able to gather while training on the course.

Spartan World Championship

In this final Episode before the 2016 Spartan World Championships no stone is left unturned. From weather forecasts to adjusting warm up strategies, this episode has you covered.

Please enjoy and we will see you on the mountain!

Download the Updated Rulebook for Spartan Race Here (multiple attempt obstacles added):

Official Rulebook_Final Edit_092816 (1)

Ape Hanger in Tahoe!

E.4 Still Thirsty? When Every Second Counts, How You Take Water in Can Be Make or Break


Welcome to Episode 4 of the Obstacle Order

Hydration is such an important topic that another episode has been dedicated to discuss hydration.  This episode dives a little deeper into Philip and Elijah’s approaches to drinking water during the race with the interest of speed and efficiency.

With the Spartan World Championships in Tahoe this year strategies for adjusting to altitude will be a running theme on the show.  Early on in this episode the guys brush over altitude training masks and whether or not they are effective to help a person adjust to performing at altitude.

Elijah discusses a difficult run he went on and how a higher volume in the gym may have impacted his performance on a 12 mile run.  There are times when you have to train when conditions are not ideal.

Next Philip and Elijah discuss their general strategies for staying hydrated at various distance runs.  Philip then asks Elijah how he would handle running a race in which he forgot to bring his hydration pack.  What specific technique would he use to avoid dehydration during that race?  In a long race are there ways you can take in water and get some extra recovery?  Depending on how competitive you are, may effect the way you literally approach hydration.  This episode really takes you inside of a race and tackles hydration situations that you may face on the course.

Listen in to get some great tips for hydration.

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E.2 Hydration and Getting Primal


Welcome to Episode 2 of the Obstacle Order!

Hydration and a belated holiday primer

This is a brand new podcast.  Through learning the production process, the releases got a little behind the recording schedule. This episode was recorded around Thankgiving. Although the content is relatively time sensitive, it can be relevant and applicable to other times in the year.  Philip and Elijah discuss strategies for getting back on track after the holidays and wading through slower periods in training.  They also discuss hydration strategies, use of electrolytes and cramping.  Finally, the joy of getting primal.

Elijah discusses some strategies he uses for carbohydrate cycling.  Read more about this at his site

We mentioned the book Waterlogged by Tim Noakes.

Waterlogged discusses a potentially paradoxical relationship between hydration and performance: more water is not necessarily better.  Conventional wisdom tells people to drink as much water, as often as possible, during athletic competitions.  Tim Noakes believes that may be a mistake causing what he calls hyponatremic encephalopathy.  Basically that means drinking too much water and causing all sorts of problems including death.

Elijah discusses his tinkering with the concept of no hydration while running on long runs of up to 90 minutes.  While the results showed relatively low impact on performance, Elijah and Phil both agree how cool it is to run with minimal gear in a “Primal” way.

Please download the podcast and have a listen.  This one is much better than the first!

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