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E. 62 How Spartan Race helps Christian Banda with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease


Welcome to Episode 63 of the Obstacle Order

Parkinson's Disease

This episode is another installment of the Motivation Monday’s series. Today Elijah sits down with Christian Banda. Several years ago Christian was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease. Along with medication, a novel approach to treatment involves incorporating steady state cardio exercise. Christian prefers running and uses that training to prepare for Spartan Race. This story is an example of a person truly making lemonade out of lemons.

Parkinson's Disease

Listen to this episode to hear Christian’s inspiring story of how he completed his first obstacle race and how that has helped him to manage his disease. There was a time when Christian saw his diagnosis as a death sentence. Now he sees it as a blessing in disguise and is living in the now! This is a great story you will not want to miss.

Parkinson's Disease

For more on Parkinson’s disease and what you can do to help check out this website

Parkinson's Disease

You can contact Christian Here on Facebook

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Motivation Monday’s: Courtney Knapp How to Find Balance in Training


Welcome to Episode 59 of the Obstacle Order.

Motivation Monday’s is back! Sorry for the wait.

This is a unique version of Motivation Monday because it highlights an athlete that primarily had to overcome her tendency to train too hard. This is not a weight loss story, this is not a story of a person overcoming a physical disability to conquer their fears.

It’s the story of Courtney Knapp who has had to overcome her own mind and natural tendency to overtrain and neglect her body’s needs.  Courtney explains how as a 20 year old college runner she lost years of training and performance because she was overtrained and undernourished. Also, Courtney learned to respect where she was at as an older athlete and trust the process of training harder not smarter. After a 8 year layoff from any competitive athletics she has found a resurgence of her athletic career in OCR and triathlon.

Courtney Knapp

Elijah interviews Courtney and extracts some very valuable nuggets that Courtney has picked up along the way. These strategies not only keep her in the game rather than on the sidelines, but have her improving with minimal stress load and maximal effect.

From grip strength, to running speed, to running endurance, Courtney explains why more is not always more. If you ever struggle with overtraining and thinking you have to “win” every workout, your going to want to listen to this episode.

Courtney Knapp

Courtney loves to share her passion for sport and finding balance with others on that journey. She prefers Instagram to Facebook FYI, but says she won’t mind being contacted on either.

Check her out on Instagram: @tougherthanatwodollarsteak

Check her out on Facebook

Also, she mentions the TPK endurance, sounds pretty sweet!

Check out the episode here:

E. 47 Motivation Monday’s: Loren Drury, Finding Purpose And Staying The Course


Welcome to Episode 47 of the Obstacle Order

This is another installment of Motivation Monday’s.  On today’s call we are joined by Loren Drury.  Loren is relatively new to Obstacle Racing with her first experience being the Boise Sprint in Spring of 2015. Loren has battled with her weight over the years and has found Spartan Racing to be a helpful anchor to keep her on track with her training and elevate her intensity. As a single mom and full time Special Ed teacher Loren has no shortage of stress in her life. Listen to find out her tips to keep in healthy even when things get tough.  Also, importantly how to build in breaks fun the routine to prevent falling off the deep end.  Through training and preparing for her next race, Loren is making her weight loss stick. Please enjoy this episode of the Obstacle Order’s Motivation Monday’s

To get to know loren more, contact her on Facebook

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E. 46 Motivation Monday’s: AJ Grzybowski Overcoming Drug Addiction and Starting the Spartan Journey


Welcome to Episode 46 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode Elijah sits down with AJ Grzybowski for another installment of Motivation Monday’s. In this series the Obstacle Order looks for standout examples of people that have faced their fears and changed their habits to become better versions of themselves and how Obstacle racing fits into that process.

Eight years ago AJ found himself in a jail cell addicted to meth. Learn how AJ beat drug addiction. Now he has a successful business as a tattoo artist and channels his energy towards a life of fitness and sobriety. In this episode, you will hear AJ’s story and discover his secret to beating drug addiction and sticking off it for so long.

If you want some Tattoo work or would like someone to chat with about strategies to beat addiction, contact AJ via Facebook Here.

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E. 42 Motivation Monday’s: Francisco Ocegueda Switching Addictions, Landing on Spartan Racing


Welcome to Episode 42 of the Obstacle Order!

This is another installment of Motivation Mondays.  In this Episode Elijah sits down with Francisco Ocegueda.  Francisco shares his story of how he went from addicted to meth to sober and running Spartan races.

The battle from meth relented to other unhealthy habits including over use of alcohol.  In this episode Francisco tells us how he cleaned all of his habits and how Spartan Racing and working out has been instrumental in that process.

Listen here:

E. 40 Motivation Monday’s Yesenia Green: The Journey From 400lbs to 150lbs


Welcome to Episode 40 of the Obstacle Order,

This is another installment of the Motivation Monday’s series where Elijah sits down with a person who has undergone an amazing transformation as a result of or resulting in completing Spartan Races.  On today’s call we have Yesenia Green.  This is the ultimate story of perseverance and overcoming obstacles. Yesenia is a great example to personify the phrase, “If I can do this, anyone can.”

Listen to this episode to learn how Yesenia lost 250lbs in just three years while working a full time job and raising two children on her own.  As well as working through the grief associated with losing her mother.

Prepare to be touched moved and inspired by this episode as Yesenia takes you on her journey from the brink of death to a Spartan Racer!

Find Yesenia on Facebook here

Listen to this episode here:


E. 38 Just Keep Going. With John Dickson


Welcome to Episode 38 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode Elijah sits down with John Dickson.  This is another installment of Motivation Monday’s. John is an Alarm technition from Las Vegas who went from 355 lbs to 220lbs in 16 months.  This is a story of his dedication and perseverance that led him to have incredible weight loss and save his life.

Listen to see how Spartan Race helped John along the way and his best advice for anyone on a weight loss journey.

You can contact John through facebook

Also check out Raw Fitness if you are in the Vegas area.

Check out the episode here:

E. 36 Victor “Machete Beast” Carillo


Welcome to Episode 36 of the Obstacle Order!

This episode is another installment of Motivation Monday’s. This week Philip and Elijah sit down with Victor “Machete Beast” Carillo.  This is a story about a guy who didn’t want to live the standard american lifestyle and just work, sit in front of the TV after work and continue to increase his fat mass.  Victor will explain to you what led him to lose 70 lbs and start a movement in the Spartan Community.

Victor heads up the group fitness craze “Machete Madness” where hundreds of people get the oppurtunity to crush their limitations and see what they are really capable of.  All with the hopes of expanding the fitness life to other Latinos in the community. Victor is an inspiration to us all.

You can find Victor on social media

Instagram: @machete_beast

Facebook: Machete Beast Face Book Page

And the Machete Madness Facebook Page

Listen to the episode here:


E. 35 How to Use Spartan Racing to Conquer Depression And Physical disabilities With Robert Mott


Welcome to Episode 35 of the Obstacle Order,

This is the second installment of the new segment on the show called Motivation Monday’s.  Here we highlight one person who has used Spartan Race to help transform their life.

This week Robert Mott Joins the show.  Mott was born with bilateral club feet, scoliosis and kyphosis of the spine.  Naturally, these disabilities would limit normal life activities, let alone completing a Spartan Race.  Robert takes us through his journey to transcend his physical limitations and do the seemingly impossible.

In 2009, Robert Mott’s doctor informed him if he did not get surgery to correct his Kyphosis he would either die or be permanently paralyzed because his vertebra would eventually sever his spinal chord. That surgery turned out to be a turning point for Mott as the rebound was a challenge. But from the low point he has ascended to new heights he could have never imagined growing up.

Listen to this episode to learn Learn how Robert Mott battles depression and physical disabilities and inspires others.