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E. 110 America’s Toughest Mudder with Philip Levi


Welcome to Episode 110 of the Obstacle Order,
Philip Levi

In this episode, the show is dedicated to Philip Levi and his experience in the 8 hour America’s Toughest Mudder event. So for this call Elijah actually interviews Philip.

Philip Levi

On the show they discuss Philip’s various struggles around actually getting to the event. Also, the basics of the event. What is it and why would it be a good idea to do it? Philip describes many of the Obstacles as well as the two course race format.

Philip Levi

The toughest mudder is an 8 hour lap format race in which you complete as many laps as possible in the allowed time. This race took place in Southern California and was the first of it’s kind.


E. 92 Sacramento Spartan Race Recap


Welcome to Episode 92 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode of the obstacle order Philip and Elijah recap their experience at the Sacramento Spartan Race Weekend. Philip did the super and sprint and Elijah did just the Super. This race served as a season ender for Philip and will be Elijah’s penultimate race.

Sacramento Spartan Sacramento Spartan

For many people this is the first race since the Spartan World Championships. Listen to find out how this race was a little different experience than the others this season.

Sacramento SpartanSacramento Spartan

If you did not participate in the Sac Spartan you will get a very thorough explanation of the terrain. Also, Joe De Sena makes an appearance.

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E. 89 Glenn Racz Spartan World Championship Recap


Welcome to Episode 89 of the Obstacle Order!

Glenn Racz

In this Episode Elijah sits down with Glenn Racz. In this Episode Glenn talks about how he structured his training to peak at just the right time and have an awesome performance at the Spartan World Championships.

Glenn Racz

Glenn gives some great pointers on how to balance a busy life with professional, family and athletic obligations. Listen to find out what it takes to achieve at a high level both on and off the course!

Glenn Racz

If you follow Glenn on Social media it was hard to miss the gash he created on his knee during the race. Glenn tells that story along with an awesome play by play of the course.

Glenn Racz

Check it out. If you missed our first episode with Glenn check it out here

You can find Glenn on Social Media:



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E. 88 OCR World Championships Recap with Jack Bauer


Welcome to Episode 88 of the Obstacle Order

Philip is out hunting Pheasants so you won’t hear him on the podcast today. In this episode Elijah sits down with Jack Bauer to discuss the OCR World Championships in Canada. Jack participated in the pro wave in the 3k, 15k and team competition.

OCR World Championship

Tune in to get a detailed description of the 3k event and all of the obstacles in it. This exciting short course required speed, obstacle skills, and nerves of steel.

OCR World Championship

If you are not familiar with the event, this is the episode for you. The many obstacle and various formats are discussed along with race results and more.

OCR World Championships

You can find Jack on social media here:



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E. 82 Philip Recaps Nashville Sprint, Elijah Runs Over Kids on Trail


Welcome to  episode 82 of the Obstacle Order

In this episode Philip explains why he is in a neck brace.

Philip in Neck Brace
Philip in a neck brace…

Elijah talks about getting out to the trails too late and dealing with tourist.

eli on the trail
Elijah on the Trail…

And Philip tells his epic story of the Nashville Sprint.  This is a catch up episode laced with a lot of banter and good time. Enjoy!

Nashville Sprint

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E. 75 Phil and Eli Recap the San Francisco Super


Welcome to Episode 75 of the Obstacle Order

San Francisco Super

In this episode Philip and Elijah recap the San Francisco Super Spartan Race which took place in Diablo Grande.  A hot day with a lot of hills was the story of the day.  The hosts discuss many topics on this show including some upcoming events you won’t want to miss including:

San Francisco Super

Richard Diaz running clinic. July 23 and 24th at the Savage Barn in Pleasonton

Richard Diaz interview

The Savage Barn OCR clinic series presented by the Obstacle Order

Listen for advanced strategies on picking the proper lines on the course, running downhill, practicing for obstacles and more.

San Francisco Super

Philip used cryotherapy as a way to recover from the race check out his video he made about that here

If you live in the bay area check out the Performist for cryotherapy

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E. 71 18 Seconds From The Podium, Philip Recaps Dallas AT&T Spartan Stadium Sprint


Welcome to Episode 71 of the Obstacle Order

Phil and Spartan Spencer

This is part one of a two part catch up episode in which Elijah interviews Philip about his experience at the ATT Stadium Race in Dallas Texas. Philip has some issues getting online as the episode opens. Eventually the hosts get on task and jump into all things ATT park. Phil narrowly missed the podium, got really hot, and ran a clean race with no burpees. Here Elijah interviews Philip the entire episode. While for the most part they stay on task, there were a few diversions. Here is a the video Elijah brought up:

Dallas AT&T Spartan Stadium SprintDallas AT&T Spartan Stadium SprintDallas AT&T Spartan Stadium Sprint

This podcast is a story of a race told by Philip and it is quite entertaining. Stay tuned for Part two of this episode with Philip interviews Elijah about dealing with a recent injury.

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E. 68 Monterey Super Spartan Recap


Welcome to Episode 68 of the Obstacle Order,

Monterey Super Spartan

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss the Monterey Super Spartan Race. Also, an alternative to BeetElite is discussed and Philip poses the question: does it matter? Is BeetElite some how special?

Eli Spartan Multi-RigPhil Spartan Multi-Rig

Elijah laments missing the rig and Phil celebrates beating Elijah for the first time in a while. In this episode the Phil and Elijah dissect new obstacles and discuss various strategies for them. What went wrong, what went right.

Phil and Eli Bucket Brigade

All the stars were out in this super competitive field which is one of the 6 legs of the US Spartan Championship series.

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