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E. 141 Obstacle Order is Back! ATT Park Recap


Welcome to Episode 141 of the Obstacle Order,

Philip and Elijah return from a short hiatus of recording and releasing episodes to do a recap of the ATT Park Stadium race. In this episode, you will hear about what Philip and Elijah have been up to as well as a detailed recap of the Stadium race at ATT park.

ATT Park

They also address concerns with 2018 race format and qualifying for World Championships. For example how that will impact the off-season and how to structure training.

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Check it out the episode here:


E. 138 Yancy Culp on Spartan World Championships and Race Recap


Welcome to Episode 138 of the Obstacle Order Podcast!

This is a special Tahoe Spartan World Championship recap episode. For the first portion of the show Yancy Culp joins Philip and Elijah to go over the results of the men’s and women’s pro wave. It was a super stacked field on the men’s and women’s side.

Spartan Race World ChampionshipSpartan Race World Championship

Afterwards, Philip and Elijah fill in the gaps from their short recap episode they released earlier this week. Listen to find out their big take aways from the race as well as what worked and what didn’t work in the gear selection

Spartan Race World ChampionshipSpartan Race World Championship

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E. 137 Quick Post Tahoe Recap


Welcome to Episode 137 of the Obstacle Order Podcast!

Tahoe Recap

In this Episode Philip and Elijah are doing some post Tahoe Recovery Work! This episode was recorded hours after the Spartan Race World Championships. They happened to be going back and forth from the Sauna to the Cold plunge. It’s a short recap that will be followed by a longer more detailed Recap of the Spartan World Championships.

E. 125 Palmerton Race Recap With Rea Kolbl


Welcome to this special bonus episode of the Obstacle Order Podcast, episode 125!



The US championship series for Spartan Race is well underway with the 3rd race held in Palmerton Pennsylvania in the books. Runner-up and up and coming Spartan Pro racer Rea Kolbl had an impressive showing and we where lucky enough to catch her on her lunch break to recap the race and her performance.


This episode is short, focused and to the point. If you want an inside look at the women’s field you are going to want to check out this episode. This is the second time Rea has been on the show. If you are unfamiliar with her you will want to check out episode 115 to get her background and see how she has become a top Spartan racer.


E. 124 Heart Rate Monitors, Kings Camp Royal Race Recap


Welcome to Episode 124 of the Obstacle Order!

In this Episode of the #OOP Eli and Phil discuss the importance of tracking your heart rate while training.  They breakdown some experiences with different devices that each of them have had using specific brands of heart rate monitor.

Each of them recently competed in a local Bay Area OCR that proved much more than they were each expecting!

In this episode Eli also determines that Phil’s running form could use some overhauling.  Phil agrees.  Expect the progress to unfold in episodes to come!

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E. 123 Long Workout Nutrition, The Secret Lab, Boise Recap, Philip and Elijah Catch Up


Welcome to Episode 123 of the Obstacle Order!

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah sit down over a tiny mic and catch up on what they have been up to over the past month. This episode had some audio quality issues, but the content was great. Listen to learn about optimal hydration strategies for long workouts. Philip has yet another travel/registration snafu getting to a race.

Also, Elijah recently visited Richard Diaz to check out the secret lab and have his gait analyzed, find out the results during this episode.

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E. 120 Developing Speed on the Bucket and AT&T Dallas Stadium Recap


Welcome to Episode 120 of the Obstacle Order,

AT&T Dallas Stadium

In this episode, Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss the AT&T Dallas Stadium race and advanced strategies for improving the bucket speed.

AT&T Dallas Stadium

There was an error in the recent review swag giveaway. Make sure to listen to the end to see if your review was read on the air and you will get some free swag.

AT&T Dallas Stadium

The OCR season is in full gear so get used to race recaps and high- intensity workout descriptions that you can apply to your training.

AT&T Dallas Stadium

E. 119 Monterey Spartan Super Recap


Welcome to Episode 119 of the Obstacle Order,

Monterey Spartan Super

In this episode, Philip and Elijah sit down to recap the Monterey Spartan Super. This is the second leg of the US championship series and the course and the competition did not disappoint.

Monterey Spartan SuperMonterey Spartan Super

Relive the course as Elijah and Philip describe it mile by mile. Listen to hear a complete breakdown of the women and men’s elite fields.

Monterey Spartan Super

Monterey Spartan Super

This episode is unique in that Philip and Elijah actually recorded it in the same place on a shared microphone. Make sure to listen to the end to see if your review was read on the air.

Monterey Spartan Super


E. 110 America’s Toughest Mudder with Philip Levi


Welcome to Episode 110 of the Obstacle Order,
Philip Levi

In this episode, the show is dedicated to Philip Levi and his experience in the 8 hour America’s Toughest Mudder event. So for this call Elijah actually interviews Philip.

Philip Levi

On the show they discuss Philip’s various struggles around actually getting to the event. Also, the basics of the event. What is it and why would it be a good idea to do it? Philip describes many of the Obstacles as well as the two course race format.

Philip Levi

The toughest mudder is an 8 hour lap format race in which you complete as many laps as possible in the allowed time. This race took place in Southern California and was the first of it’s kind.


E. 92 Sacramento Spartan Race Recap


Welcome to Episode 92 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode of the obstacle order Philip and Elijah recap their experience at the Sacramento Spartan Race Weekend. Philip did the super and sprint and Elijah did just the Super. This race served as a season ender for Philip and will be Elijah’s penultimate race.

Sacramento Spartan Sacramento Spartan

For many people this is the first race since the Spartan World Championships. Listen to find out how this race was a little different experience than the others this season.

Sacramento SpartanSacramento Spartan

If you did not participate in the Sac Spartan you will get a very thorough explanation of the terrain. Also, Joe De Sena makes an appearance.

listen here: