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Brakken Kraker Returns for a Live Coaching Call to Discuss Periodization and Race Prep


Welcome to Episode 53 of the Obstacle Order Podcast.

This is a special episode. Elijah sits down with his personal coach, Spartan Pro Brakken Kraker for a coaching call. Elijah and Brakken have been working together for about 4 months. They thought it would be a fun idea to do a live coaching call so those listening can see what Brakken’s coaching is about.

In this episode you will learn how one can work with Brakken and what it is like to work with a personal coach.  After the explanation of the coaching Brakken has to offer they jump into a coaching call similar to what any athlete working with Brakken would do on a weekly basis. During the call we discuss the following points:

Double days

lengthening intervals

Incorporating Strength training with running

OCR specific workouts

You can Find Brakken:


Listen Here:

E. 37 From Addicted to Drugs to Addicted to Spartan Races with Stephen Selting


Welcome to Episode 37 of the Obstacle Order

Today we have another installment of Motivation Monday

In this Episode Elijah sits down with Stephen Selting.  Stephen is a recovered drug and alcohol addict who has turned his life around.  Seven years ago Stephen raced prison time and was homeless. Now he races spartan races as an elite and contintues to run in the open classes to help others do Spartan.

This episode focuses on the mindset required to persevere in Spartan races and how Stephen draws back on the darker times in his life to find strength out on the course.  An interesting fact is that Stephen is a vegan we cover that on the show as well.

You can find Stephen on Facebook via this link

And on instagram here  @gorillaproteinlife



E. 23 How to Stay Injury Free and Improve Speed and Obstacle Skill with Variable Training


Welcome to Episode 23 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah sit down with Matt Truscott again.  If you haven’t heard it yet, you may want to check out the first episode featuring Matt. Today’s episode focuses on the importance of implementing what mat calls “3D” movement into a training plan.

3D movement is moving through all planes of motion and changing height.  In this show learn how one can implement various 3D movements and how that will help an athlete create balance to their training, which may aid in injury prevention.

Matt also explains his new product and certification program: Project Resistance.

Project Resistance is all about breaking the standard paradigm of strength training in order to create a more well rounded resilient athlete.

Episode 23:

E. 22 The Quest For the Best Racing Shoe


Welcome to Episode 22 of the Obstacle Order,

This is a catch up Episode between Philip and Elijah.  Your hosts have focused on interviewing elite Spartan athletes and have not had the chance to connect and catch up recently. With Monterey on the Horizon they thought it would be a good time to catch the audience up with what has been going on in the world of Philip and Elijah.

They both share there struggles with finding the proper shoe. In this show Philip and Elijah share their troubles and successes with finding the right shoe for obstacle racing.  It can be hard to find the shoe with all the right qualities if you are trying to go fast and have a little support.  Many shoes were mentioned in this episode including: Soloman, Mizuno, Born 2 Run shoes, Under Armour, Merril Trail glove, Saucony and Vasque.

Learn about the biomechanics of running in a flat shoe.  Flat vs. Minimal.  Why that might not be right for you…

Remember the Vibram 5 fingers?  Well they are involved in a class action law suit. Here is a link to article discussing the details.  Philip and Elijah have both used the Vibrams in the past.  They discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of wearing those odd shoes and whether the lawsuit they are involved with is valid.

Want to know what the guys have been up to in terms of training? Listen in and you will get details on how they have been periodizing their training with the Monterey Super in mind.  This is a great episode with a ton of good info.  Check it out:

Workout mentioned:


For time:
1,000-meter row
45-lb. thrusters, 50 reps
30 pull-ups


E. 20 Throw Out Your Shoes, Master The multi-rig: Colorado Sprint Race Recap


Welcome to Episode 20 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode Elijah interviews Philip about his experience at his season opener race: the Colorado Sprint.

Philip recounts his failing an Obstacle, Struggling with footwear and battling the effects of altitude.

Philip discusses the areas in which he needs to improve and the areas he feels strong.

E. 16 Finding Community, Saving Lives Through Spartan Training with Machete Madness


Welcome to Episode 16 of the Obstacle Order,

In this show Philip and Elijah recap their experience of the Machete Madness workout.  If you have not yet check out Episode 15 to learn what Machete Madness is all about.  In this show the guys discuss the community aspect of working out.  How not to compete during a workout and be there for your fellow sufferer.  Also, Philip and Elijah both discuss the obstacles they overcame to get to Machete Madness and how the importance of mental framing.

The guys share their workout of the week. Philip applied some strength training principles he learned from Josh Courage in a 5×5 deadlift workout with sprints incorporated.  Elijah discussing training priorities as it relates to strength or endurance.  Elijah also shares the ultimate exercise if you can only choose one.  This episode is packed with little gems and should be fun to listen to.  Check it out! Please don’t forget to hop over to itunes and give us a review and subscribe to the show.  We are really picking up some steam with downloads, but we want more listeners.  Reviews help that a lot.

Thanks for listening

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E.11 Case Study Conrad Sherby Part 2: program design


Welcome to Episode 11 of the Obstacle Order Podcast.

On this episode Elijah finishes up his intake of Conrad Sherby.  In case you missed the first part,  check it out here.  Conrad is a great athlete and he wishes to shift his focus from strength primarily to endurance.  That is why the primary focus of his training program will be safely building up his running volume and strength endurance.

Elijah lays out his plan for Conrad relative to his Spartan Super in Monterey (6/6).  With a three month target, there is time to slowly build his base while maintaining strength.   Conrad has a more long term goal to complete the Tahoe beast World Championships.  Elijah Chose to use Monterey as a bench mark.  Between now and June, there will be two more episodes to check on how Conrad is progressing through the Program Elijah designed.  After Monterey, we will reassess and create the new plan that will prepare Conrad for the demands of a 16 mile course at altitude.

In addition to Conrad’s running program, Elijah programmed in two interval type workouts that will be obstacle course specific.  Conrad will practice going from strength exercises to running and back (a critical ability for obstacle course racing).  There will be two workouts of this fashion each week of his program.  One will be on a hill or a trail, the other will be in the gym simulating the demands of various obstacles.

Stay tuned to see Conrad’s progress


E.8 How Joe Pessano Removed Hurdles to Return to Sport After a Broken Back


Welcome to Episode 8 of the Obstacle Order.

On this episode Philip and Elijah sit down with Joe Pessano.  Joe is an extraordinary human being.  Who has overcome extraordinary obstacles to be where he is today.  The focus of this episode is the mental game of training.  How does one know when to throttle back?  What are the signs of overtraining?  And when a seemingly insurmountable obstacle gets in your way, what do you do.  This episode is motivational and well worth listening to.

Joe takes us on his road to recovery from a debilitating back injury to completing the San Francisco Urnbanathalon.  This is a truly inspiring episode.

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