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E. 118 Monterey Preview, Terrain Race Recap. Philip and Elijah Catch Up


Welcome to Episode 118 of the Obstacle Order,

Terrain Race

In this episode, Philip and Elijah reunite to discuss training, race results, and preparation for the Monterey Super Spartan. This week’s episode will give you some insight into the Terrain Racing series if you plan on doing one of those. Also, the guys give you some tips for navigating the rugged terrain of Monterey. Get ready for hills, long carries, and tons of grip intensive obstacles.

Terrain RaceTerrain Race

Hopefully, there is a lot of hay in your barn!


E. 83 Double Sandbag, Tahoe, and Conquering Hills


Welcome to Episode 83 of the obstacle Order!

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss how they are prepping for the Spartan World Championships at Squaw Valley Ski resort. Elijah discusses some of his recent workouts including integrating the double sandbag carry. The hosts discuss implications of carry techniques in terms of course sequencing.

Double Sandbag

Also, Philip discusses the 3,3,3 workout and why that will be helpful to apply directly to a race situation.

Double Sandbag

Have you waited until the last minute to prepare for Tahoe? Then you’ll want to listen to this episode.

listen here:

E.10 How 3D Movement Can Make You Faster On Variable Terrain With Matt Truscott


Welcome to Episode 10 of the Obstacle Order Podcast.

This episode compliments Episode 3 “Running on Variable Terrain”.  This episode focused on preparation for variable terrain.

Matt Truscott joins the show to discuss 3D movement training.  Matt compared 3D movement training to traditional strength training (linear loaded movement training).  How can the two compliment each other in the context of a training program?

This episode dove deep into a theoretical training program.  This program incorporates both 3D movement training and linear loaded movement training.  Matt discussed in detail, how to periodize in the context an obstacle racing season.

3D movement is helpful from injury prevention to improved overall structural integrity.  Both of these aspects will help the athlete improve overall resilience and performance.  Two topics which come up on the show all the time.

Why should you listen to Matt?  Matt spent the last two years traveling the world for ViPR as an educator to ViPR’s master trainers.  He has an expansive background in athletics, including college football.   His NFL aspirations were thwarted by a knee injury.  That injury became a blessing in disguise because Matt attained first hand knowledge on knee rehab. Combined with his continuing education at Equinox Fitness institute and ViPR, Matt is a great resource to understand proper biomechanics and injury prevention.

You can find Matt on his Facebook page here.  Matt’s page is great because he is frequently posting cool videos of unique exercises.



E.3 Running On Variable Terrain


Welcome to Episode 3 of the Obstacle Order podcast.

In this episode Philip and Elijah are back to talk about how to get ready for your next Obstacle Course race.

Specifically, this episode covers unique ways to prepare for variable terrain you may face on a trail.  Most people do most of their running on a treadmill, pavement, or track.  This episode will present you with some cool things to try that you might not have thought of yet to better prepare you for the variable demand a trail creates.

To prepare for uneven surfaces there is one great way: run on trails.  The problem is many of us don’t have access to trails.  One way to overcome this obstacle is to use imbalanced loads while running.  This effectively is a top down unbalancing rather than a ground up unbalancing (moving on an unstable surface.)

Elijah discusses his results from his 20k trail run in Rodeo Beach, CA.  And the guys go over their workout of the week.

Enjoy the episode!  Don’t forget to review on iTunes and subscribe