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E. 96 Trevor Cichosz Worlds Toughest Mudder Champion


Welcome to Episode 96 of the Obstacle Order!

Trevor Cichosz

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down with  WTM 2016 Champion Trevor Cichosz. This is the second time Trevor has been on the podcast.

Trevor Cichosz

In his first appearance, Trevor spoke with the Obstacle Order about his background and how he got involved with Obstacle racing as well as his experience in the 2015 WTM in which he placed 2nd. You can listen to that episode here to learn more about Trevor.

Trevor Cichosz

This episode focuses primarily on Trevor’s Breakthrough performance at the 2016 WTM in which he won the solo competition.

Listen to learn the mindset and strategies Trevor employed to win the grueling 24 hour event.

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