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E. 98 Amelia Boone, A New Perspective On OCR


Welcome to Episode 98 of the Obstacle Order,

Amelia Boone

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down with OCR star and legend Amelia Boone. Amelia Boone appeared on the Obstacle Order in one of the early episodes. Check out that episode here to find out more about Amelia’s past and her various training methods.

Amelia Boone

The focus of this episode is managing the mental and emotional process of being injured, reshaping identity as an athlete and riding the waves of recovery.

Amelia Boone

If you have ever been injured or are currently battling injury this episode is surely to offer solace. Amelia was originally sidelined by a femoral stress fracture, but also experienced other injuries in a process that has taken almost one year to overcome. Amelia is not one to be down and out for long. Listen to this podcast to see how she coped with the injury and turned it around, reshaping her relationship to the sport of OCR and how she sees herself.

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Tim Ferris Podcast Ep. 127

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E.14 Amelia Boone on Grit, Suffering and Being the Best


Welcome to the Obstacle Order Episode 14,

World Champion Amelia Boone joins us in this Episode.  Becoming a World Champion is by nature rare.  There are even fewer world champions in two sports.  Amelia Boone is one of those people.  She is the world champion of Spartan and the two time world champion of the Worlds Toughest Mudder.  Some would say that those are the same sport: obstacle course racing.  Because of the huge difference in capacity required to win either event they should be seen as two separate sports.  The Worlds Toughest Mudder is a 24 hour race who’s winner is determined by total distance traveled.  The Spartan world champion is established by a fixed distance race.

If being a world champion obstacle racer is not enough to impress you, Amelia spends her weekdays as a lawyer at one of the biggest law firms in the world Skadden.  Many Mondays used to be an awkward time at the office for her when she would limp in post her crazy weekend excursions.  Now they are used to it at Skadden and wonder what she is going to do next.

Listen to the interview and you will learn the history of Amelia Boone in obstacle course racing.  You will also learn what is takes to become a world champion and beat olympians from other sports.  Amelia Boone has a fascinating and very motivational story.  She may be the true personification of grit.  Learn how Amelia applies her grit to things like the death race and other Spartan Races. Amelia shows us that it’s not always the most advanced training and nutrition program that produces a champion.  Sometimes it is the person unwilling to stop who will endure the most pain.  When quitting is not an option, you already have most people beat.

You can find Amelia Boone on Facebook

You can also find her at her blog which she infrequently writes on:  Race Ipsa Loguitur

Here’s a brief clip that of Amelia Boone at WTM 2012

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