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E. 84 Scott Keneally, Writer and Director of “Rise of the Sufferfests”


Welcome to episode 84 of the Obstacle Order!

In this episode Philip sits down with Scott Keneally.  Scott is the writer and director of the OCR documentary “Rise of the Sufferfests” a groundbreaking film that explores the fastest growing sport in the world and just why people seem to be so addicted to it. Scott talks about spending time with “Mr. Mouse” on the grounds of arguably the birthplace of the movement of obstacle course racing. Scott touches on how life is different after completing the “Tough Guy” Race Series and becoming a father while making this film.

Scott Keneally

A few points of interest in this episode are:

Where OCR is going,

Touring with Marilyn Manson,

What it’s like working with Hunter McIntyre

Why people should read more books.

Tune in to this episode and get smarter!

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To watch the movie or find out more, watch the trailer below:

E. 78 Elijah and Philip’s Solo Race Recaps and Spartan Pro Drama, and Grip Strength


Welcome to episode 78 of the Obstacle Order!

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss the Portland Spartan Sprint and the greater San Jose area BattleFrog. Also, drama on the Spartan Pro tour. Usually Philip and Elijah are travel buddies and racing rivals. This weekend they went separate ways to participate in two different race series’.

Philip completed the Battlefrog in Diablo Grande. listen to see if he was able to keep his band. Elijah completed the Portland Sprint. Listen to see if he met his expectations or made some crucial errors to fall shot of his goals their.

Your hosts also delve into some drama that transpired out in the Ashville Super during the fourth leg of the Spartan US championship race series. There were some mix ups on the rope climb and top contenders were disqualified. And the peanut gallery had a lot to say about it.

This is a short episode that will primarily serve to keep you current with out hosts and hopefully entertain, teach, and inspire along the way.

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