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E. 93 COACH PAIN: All About Conducting Business


Welcome to Episode 93 of the obstacle order,

Coach Pain

In this Episode Philip sits down with Coach Pain. If you had the opportunity to complete a BattleFrog series race you may have noticed the hype man was exceptional. That man was Coach Pain. He is known for saying “Conduct Your Business”.

Coach Pain

Pain comes on the Obstacle Order to offer you some motivation and perspective. Just in time for the off season!

Coach Pain

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E. 79 Unlocking Optimal Nutrition with Ryan Meyer


Welcome to Episode 79 of the Obstacle Order!

Ryan Meyer

In this episode Philip and Elijah interview holistic nutritionist Ryan Meyer. They cover many topics ranging from nutrition as it relates to the inflammatory process to best fueling strategies for endurance athletes.  This is a dense episode with a ton of great information. Here are some of the highlights:

Inflammation: achieving the optimal omega 3 to omega 6 ratio. Food sensitivities and inflammation. Exercise and inflammation.

Whole foods for performance: why a whole food diet can makes things simple

Antioxidants: why is an antioxidant rich diet important for endurance and strength athletes?

Pre and post workout: you might want to forget about the details and just get each meal right.

Practical tips for adopting a whole foods lifestyle.

You can find Ryan on his blog at www.nutritionwithryan.com

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Enjoy the episode!

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Ep. 55 BattleFrog Results and Training – Phil and Elijah catch up


Welcome to Episode 55 of the Obstacle Order.

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to catch up and recap their results from the BattleFrog San Francisco race. This is a fun episode with some cool insights into Elijah’s training.

Eli BattleFrog

The topics covered are the importance of assessing. Learn what the phrase: “If you ain’t assessing, your guessing” is all about.

Elijah goes over his latest MAF results. This leads the host to discuss garmin GPS accuracy as well as in general why it is so important to continually track your progress.

Both Philip and Elijah give detailed accounts of their experience at BattleFrog San Francisco including, course design, the platinum rig, mandatory obstacle completion, the two lap format and more! Also covering is why underestimating and obstacle course or being underprepared is never a good idea. And what is the deal with distance creep?

Phil BattleFrog

Elijah laments about altitude at Squaw valley and questions  whether or not he will be competing at the Spartan World Championships.

Finally Elijah describes some of the training he has been doing and what is next on the agenda for the race season. 

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E. 25 Training the Spartan Pros With Yancy Culp


Welcome to Episode 25 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode, Philip and Elijah sit down with Yancy Culp.  Yancy is a Spartan Racer, coach to Spartan Pros, personal trainer and football coach. In this episode you will learn about Yancy’s background and what led him into the world of OCR.

This show covers some of the differences between the different OCR companies.  Yancy explains how Warrior dash can be a great introduction to obstacle course racing.  He compares Spartan with Battlefrog.

As Yancy got more involved in Obstacle Racing, he starting coaching athletes.  He got so busy he had to expand his coaching business to an online offering.  This is called Yancy Camp.  Here you will be able to do the actual workouts, scaled down as needed, as the top Spartan Pros.   In Yancy Camp you are paired up with Spartan athletes including Matt “The Bear” Novokovich, Glenn Racz, Rose Wetzell, Isiah Vidal, Miguel Medina, April Dee and several more.  Many of which have been interviewed on this podcast!  There will be time slots during the week to interact with the athlete you choose and ask them questions you have about preparing for OCR.   Listen to find out all of the details.

We delve into some great training details, what’s going on in the world of obstacle racing and much more.  Learn how to manage training in the Aerobic and anaerobic zone and how to apply this to your next race.

Yancy is also involved with BeetElite one of the favorite products of the Obstacle Order.  Yancy also recommends this cool training tool called the Demon Sled.   You can contact Yancy directly through PM on Facebook.  Also, check out the Yancy Camp Facebook page

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