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E. 98 Amelia Boone, A New Perspective On OCR


Welcome to Episode 98 of the Obstacle Order,

Amelia Boone

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down with OCR star and legend Amelia Boone. Amelia Boone appeared on the Obstacle Order in one of the early episodes. Check out that episode here to find out more about Amelia’s past and her various training methods.

Amelia Boone

The focus of this episode is managing the mental and emotional process of being injured, reshaping identity as an athlete and riding the waves of recovery.

Amelia Boone

If you have ever been injured or are currently battling injury this episode is surely to offer solace. Amelia was originally sidelined by a femoral stress fracture, but also experienced other injuries in a process that has taken almost one year to overcome. Amelia is not one to be down and out for long. Listen to this podcast to see how she coped with the injury and turned it around, reshaping her relationship to the sport of OCR and how she sees herself.

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Tim Ferris Podcast Ep. 127

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E. 74 Battling Injury and How to Know When to Take a Break


Welcome to Episode 74 of the Obstacle Order!

Battling Injury

This is Part two of a two part catch up episode in which Philip interviews Elijah. This Episode Philip interviews Elijah about his recent stent being injured. Elijah has been battling a hip injury for almost 2 months now. Philip will try to tease out what has been going on in Elijah’s head as he takes a step back from steady training to rehab his hip. They discuss the mind state that comes along with being injured and how much of a struggle that can be at times. Elijah also gives some tips on how to stay fit while taking a “break”.

Injury is a part of the sport it’s knowing when to step back and when to come back that is the key. If you are currently battling injury or have in the past, this is an episode you will definitely want to listen to.

listen Here:

E. 50 Filling In The Gaps In Your Training: How to Balance Neglect and Hyper focus for Optimal Performance


Welcome to Episode 50 of the Obstacle Order, your source for all things OCR.

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down for a long overdue catch up episode.

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This one is a handful! This episode covers a wide range of topics including:

Filling the Gaps in your training: addressing your weaknesses as a pure runner or strength focuses athlete in OCR

Pure Runners vs OCR athlete: why a fast 5k time doesn’t always add up to a good OCR performance

Elijah as a competitive Tetris Player: for more on that, check out this great video on BuzzFeed

How to establish priorities in training and in life: why working on your favorite stuff generally will not lead to success on the course

The 2015 workout:

2015 Workout

The F.U.C.1K: Phil dominates the extreme grade in Auburn CA and makes a few friends along the way. Check out the race series here at singletrackrunning.com

Elijah Battling injury: how he used alternative approaches to a fast recovery from plantar faciaitus .

Finally Elijah and Philip’s plans for the upcoming OCR season.

Listen here: