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E. 49 Spartan Pro Kate Cramer Overcoming Obstacles and Winning Races


Welcome Kate Cramer to Episode 49 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Elijah sits down with Spartan Pro Kate Cramer.  Kate was kind enough to come on the show previously.  If you would like to know more about her background and what led her down the path of obstacle course racing, check out that episode here:

Kate Cramer Part 1

Kate recently fractured her sacrum while training on her homemade rope set up christmas day.  She lay on the ground in tears not because of the pain, but because she didn’t want her kids to see her in pain. Not long after she was already thinking about how she would construct her comeback.  Adversity is nothing new for Cramer. As a child she suffered and Pars fracture that she didn’t even know about, until it hindered her performance her senior year at LSU as a division 1 college soccer player.

The great thing about Cramer is she didn’t even mention that in the first interview. This is telling about how she approaches training and life. This interview Elijah tries to extract what it takes to have such great perseverance despite the set backs and how to manage that so as to not push to far.

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