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Ep. 55 BattleFrog Results and Training – Phil and Elijah catch up


Welcome to Episode 55 of the Obstacle Order.

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to catch up and recap their results from the BattleFrog San Francisco race. This is a fun episode with some cool insights into Elijah’s training.

Eli BattleFrog

The topics covered are the importance of assessing. Learn what the phrase: “If you ain’t assessing, your guessing” is all about.

Elijah goes over his latest MAF results. This leads the host to discuss garmin GPS accuracy as well as in general why it is so important to continually track your progress.

Both Philip and Elijah give detailed accounts of their experience at BattleFrog San Francisco including, course design, the platinum rig, mandatory obstacle completion, the two lap format and more! Also covering is why underestimating and obstacle course or being underprepared is never a good idea. And what is the deal with distance creep?

Phil BattleFrog

Elijah laments about altitude at Squaw valley and questions  whether or not he will be competing at the Spartan World Championships.

Finally Elijah describes some of the training he has been doing and what is next on the agenda for the race season. 

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