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E. 65 American Ninja Warrior’s Kevin Bull: Optimal Grip Programming and Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge


Welcome to Episode 65 of the Obstacle Order!

Kevin Bull

In this episode Elijah sits down with American Ninja Warrior Star Kevin Bull. Kevin is a member of the team Grit on the upcoming show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.  Kevin started out as a Collegiate Decathlete in which he won the conference title at CSU Stanislaus. Training for decathlon  helped him to learn how to best allocate time to training when the demands of a sport are multifaceted.  He also started doing Crossfit once his collegiate career was over.  He saw American Ninja Warrior on TV and then decided to try out for the TV show and made it!

You will want to listen to this episode because Kevin shares some tips on how an OCR athlete can maximize their time when it comes to grip strength and endurance. Listen to this episode to see how you can be the most efficient for everything from the multi-rig to the herc hoist and everything in between.

Also, you can learn why specificity is not always best when getting prepared for obstacle racing. And who Kevin thinks would have a better shot transitioning between sports, and ANW or a Spartan.

Topics discussed:

Kevin’s Athletic Background

Optimal programming for Grip strength and Endurance

What is “contact strength” and why that is important for events that challenge your grip

Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

Kevin Bull
Team Grit, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

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Brakken Kraker on the Future of OCR


Brakken Kraker is back on the Obstacle Order to share his thoughts on the future of OCR

In Episode 56 of the Obstacle Order Brakken Kraker spends some time with Elijah to discuss where he thinks the sport will go in the future. Some controversial topics are covered. You won’t want to miss this episode if you are a fan of the sport of OCR itself.

How could the race structure be changed in order to allow the race to go more smoothly? Should the waves be divided in to a pro field, competitive wave and open wave? What should the qualifications standards be to get into said pro wave. Is doping a big problem in the sport and would the purchase of a pro card help to alleviate that? All these questions and more are answered by Brakken Kraker during this call.

Also, the future of the sport. Will OCR follow in the footsteps of MMA or CrossFit or will it go down in flames as another fitness trend. Will the success of the sport depend on race series merging or will Spartan attempt to suffocate the competition and be the last one standing.

When considering changing OCR events who should be considered the most: the open class racer or the competitive field?

Finally, will the genetic talent pool absorb the current high level OCR athletes.

This is a fun episode with a ton of interesting topics covered. Please comment on the facebook page and open a conversation about what was covered on this episode with Brakken Kraker.

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Episode 56

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E. 19 From Crossfit Affiliate to Obstacle Training Friendly Strength and Conditioning Gym Matt Brown


Welcome to Episode 19 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode, Philip and Elijah are joined by Matt Brown of NorCal Strength and Conditioning (formerly NorCal Crossfit, 4th crossfit affiliate.) Matt is the facilities coordinator at NorCal Strength and Conditioning.  Matt earned a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Chico State. He has an athletic background in competing and coaching the middle distances in track and field. Potentially a programming master for OCR.

This show delves into the history and future of NorCal Strength and Conditioning.  Also, some further discussion of max lift efforts while fatigued.  How does a strength and conditioning facility differ from a CrossFit box?  Find out here.

Mid-way through the show the tables are turned as Matt asks the hosts about how to best outfit a facility for an obstacle focused workout program.  This is a fun dense episode with great discussion and great pointers for anyone looking to add a new element to a strength training gym and get on the wave of OCR.

You can find Matt on his Facebook page here.

NorCal strength and conditioning here

Episode 19 here