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E. 74 Battling Injury and How to Know When to Take a Break


Welcome to Episode 74 of the Obstacle Order!

Battling Injury

This is Part two of a two part catch up episode in which Philip interviews Elijah. This Episode Philip interviews Elijah about his recent stent being injured. Elijah has been battling a hip injury for almost 2 months now. Philip will try to tease out what has been going on in Elijah’s head as he takes a step back from steady training to rehab his hip. They discuss the mind state that comes along with being injured and how much of a struggle that can be at times. Elijah also gives some tips on how to stay fit while taking a “break”.

Injury is a part of the sport it’s knowing when to step back and when to come back that is the key. If you are currently battling injury or have in the past, this is an episode you will definitely want to listen to.

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E. 72 Leaderboardfit Update with Brakken Kraker


Welcome to Episode 72 of the Obstacle Order.


In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down with Zack, Taylor and Brakken Kraker from the LeaderBoardfit team. In this episode Brakken discusses his season so far and how it has been limited by a broken toe. We get into some specific strategies he is using to stay fit while being limited in the capacity to run. Also, what his plans are for the rest of the season and how he can get back on top!


Also the crew delves into some of the great results that people are getting from being a part of Project Apex.


If you haven’t done so already, you’re going to want to listen to Episode 64 in which the Obstacle Order introduced leaderboard to the public. This episode gives the uninitiated an overview of what leaderboard is and why one can benefit from joining.

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