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E. 107 Pt 2 with Carla Robbins: How To Expand Your Thresholds


Welcome to Episode 107 of the Obstacle Order,

This is part 2 of a two part episode with Exercise Physiologist Carla Robbins. If you have not done so yet, please go back and listen to part 1 of this episode.part 1 of this episode.

Carla Robbins

The focus of this episode is continuing the conversation around periodization. Many questions are answered in the podcast including: how to allocate time blocks to training, how that should fluctuate during the season,  and how to periodize strength training?

What is the interference effect and how do you avoid it?

Carla Robbins

Also, advanced hydration strategies and considerations. What is the proper amount of carbohydrate to use in your hydration pack? How much water should you really drink? Listen to find out!

The training/life stress bucket.

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