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E. 44 Spartan Pro Kate Cramer: High Expectations and Becoming a Spartan Pro


Welcome to Episode 44 of the Obstacle Order

In this episode, Elijah sits down with Spartan Pro Kate Cramer. Kate is a recent addition to the female Spartan Pro team.  Her primary athletic background is in Soccer where she excelled as a Division one player at LSU.  Kate is an impressive athlete with a winners mindset. Expect great things in the future from Kate Cramer.

Specific topics covered:

Background: Kate’s transition from soccer, to triathlon to working mom, to Spartan Race

First Spartan Race: What she learned from 300 burpees

Becoming a Spartan Pro: the spartan combine and getting full attention of the brass at Spartan

2015 in review: NBC race results including Montana, Breckenridge and Spartan World Championships

Training Strategies: climbing, keeping speed, and becoming obstacle proficient.

Mindset: sacrifice and balance

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Website: www.katecramer.com

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