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E. 119 Monterey Spartan Super Recap


Welcome to Episode 119 of the Obstacle Order,

Monterey Spartan Super

In this episode, Philip and Elijah sit down to recap the Monterey Spartan Super. This is the second leg of the US championship series and the course and the competition did not disappoint.

Monterey Spartan SuperMonterey Spartan Super

Relive the course as Elijah and Philip describe it mile by mile. Listen to hear a complete breakdown of the women and men’s elite fields.

Monterey Spartan Super

Monterey Spartan Super

This episode is unique in that Philip and Elijah actually recorded it in the same place on a shared microphone. Make sure to listen to the end to see if your review was read on the air.

Monterey Spartan Super


E. 118 Monterey Preview, Terrain Race Recap. Philip and Elijah Catch Up


Welcome to Episode 118 of the Obstacle Order,

Terrain Race

In this episode, Philip and Elijah reunite to discuss training, race results, and preparation for the Monterey Super Spartan. This week’s episode will give you some insight into the Terrain Racing series if you plan on doing one of those. Also, the guys give you some tips for navigating the rugged terrain of Monterey. Get ready for hills, long carries, and tons of grip intensive obstacles.

Terrain RaceTerrain Race

Hopefully, there is a lot of hay in your barn!