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E. 102 Faye Stenning and Jessica O’Connell on Grit Coaching


Welcome to Episode 102 of the Obstacle Order,

You will be hard pressed to find a more qualified duo when it comes to the combination of academic proficiency and athletic prowess. Jessica O’Connell represented Canada in the 2016 olympic games in the 5000 meters and Faye Stenning is the Second best Spartan Racer in the world. Both also have at least a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology. Jessica earned her master’s in Exercise physiology for good measure.

Grit CoachingGrit Coaching








The combination of book smarts and the ability to apply that knowledge in order to perform at the highest level is rare indeed. That is why the combined minds of Jessica and Faye will no doubt become one of the best resources in the world of OCR coaching.

Grit Coaching

In episode 101 we introduced Faye and Grit coaching. In this episode, we take a deeper dive in the periodization, the importance and practice of building an aerobic base, transitioning to the aerobic power phase, and finally sport specific training. We also take a deeper look at how gritcoaching.net actually works and how you can get signed up.

Grit Coaching

Jessica is an olympic runner, so she has a unique insight into long term programming. She will handle the running component of the OCR programming. Faye will take on the OCR specific strength work as well as integrate sport specific high intensity workouts later in the season.

This is a dense information packed episode so put your thinking caps on!

E. 90 Make Obstacles Your Strength With Ryan Kempson


Welcome to Episode 90 of the Obstacle Order!

Ryan Kempson

In this episode Elijah sits down with Ryan Kempson of Advanced Movement Athletics. Ryan is an outside the box thinker who likes to take a holistic approach to Obstacle Course training. This podcast covers the fundamentals of Ryan’s coaching and training philosophy.

Ryan explains how conditioning is not just about aerobic fitness, but it’s also about learning and practicing foundational movement patterns that teach you how to become a better athlete. In doing so, you will acquire great obstacle immunity.  This will shift your perspective on how you see obstacles from something that is impeding you, to something that you can gain an advantage on the field during.

Ryan also talks about the Burdenko method and how that course shifted his perspective on both training and recovery.  Ryan will be teaching all of these strategies and more in an upcoming clinic at the Savage Barn November 5th.

To sign up for the clinic follow this link

To find more about Ryan and the rest of the coaches at Advanced Movement Athletics go here

Here is an example of some of the stuff Matt does over at AMA

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Focus, Balance and Strength with Tony Irwin


Welcome to Episode 57 of the Obstacle Order

In this episode, Philip sits down with Tony Irwin. Tony is a triathlete, yoga practitioner, weight lifter and fitness professional. He is based out of the San Francisco Peninsula. We dig into searching for a practice that is right for each type of athlete. Tony talks about utilizing yoga and other restorative techniques to fill the gaps and reset tissues between each training session. Doing this creates the greatest effect on your training program.

If you feel like your missing something from your training regimen then this is the episode for you. Breathing techniques are discussed and practiced during this episode. We cover the importance of focus and determining your intent. This can make or break an athlete in the training period and in competition.

Listen in and learn how to create mental drive and focus in your OCR training. Success through practice and learning by experience is the name of the game here.

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