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Ep 167: The Most Excellent Explorers Club


Episode number 167 and the Most Excellent Explorers Club. This installment of the Show covers some topics that range from  what you want to get out of your fitness programming to the mindset behind the approach to maximize your efforts. The creator of the Most Excellent Explorers Club, Conrad Sherby, joins us and shares his insights on mastery of ones self. This episode is a brainstorm of ideas that created the Explorers club and its multifaceted approach to human optimization.

This conversation is particularly enjoyable for the twists and turns that lead us down the path to the creative structuring of a standard fitness program but also how we think about contentment in our lives. You can find The Most Excellent Explorers Club on Yelp, Air BnB adventures and ExplorersClub.com.

Ep 165:Lauryn Williams is faster than everyone.


This episode of the Show we are joined by 4 time Olympic Medalist Lauryn Williams. Not only is she extremely fast on the track and the ice  she is the only woman to medal at both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Now a Certified Financial Planner, she has founded Worth Winning, an organization that specializes in helping the modern athlete manage their wealth so they never have to wonder where it all went. The show only gets better when folks like Lauryn come to town to talk biz with The Obstacle Order Podcast. 


Ep 164: Head Strong with Ryan Glatt


This episode of the Show is all about cognitive health. The brain is the Board of Directors of the body and Ryan Glatt joins us to unpack just how important keeping the Board happy and healthy is for you. His story ranges from his beginnings in the fitness world after watching AirBud to getting arrested in Scotland. 

   Oh yeah we talk about the brain and its capacities as well. You can find free content on making your brain as supple as possible at somatiq.co

Episode 162: OCR in the car with Alex Walker. 


Let’s take a ride in the car with Alex Walker. From her origins in Columbia, South America to competitive horseback riding to her explosive presence in the  OCR world, as we head down the road and get ready for a trail run we talk budgeting along the OCR circuit and the benefits of having a coach versus training on your own. We also talk about grip training, rock climbing, dental hygiene and horseback riding. 

SO much is covered on this episode of OCR in the car with Ms. Alex Walker!

In the first third of the interview we talk about a product made by trail toes. It’s a rig for hooking up a tire to simulate mountain running. You can find it here.


Ep. 158: B-B-B-Beni is a Jet.


In this episode of the Show we are joined by OCR phenom            Beni Gifford. Raised as a shy kid who found himself in the Boy Scouts and then majoring in theatre, this alpha level athlete breaks down his entry into OCR. We talk TMX and mental preparedness plus what it’s like to live, train and excel with some of the best people in the sporting world.

His Mom also makes a mean pot of Ramen.

Tune in to this episode of The Obstacle Order Podcast.

You can find the video of this intereview here

E 148: Reboot with Faye Stenning


Welcome to Episode 148 of the Obstacle Order!

In this episode, Elijah interviews Faye Stenning. In this show, Faye talks about things that went well and things that went poorly during her 2016 race season. Does the base building method used in traditional endurance sports apply well to the sport of OCR? Not necessarily if you need to be at a top level of fitness for 6 months.

Faye covers why having too much time to train can be a bad thing. Also, what she plans to do differently this year to get better results. This is a candid interview with some great insights into Faye’s process both mental and physical.  Finally, why will you likely not see Faye as a member of the Spartan Pro team.

You can find Faye:



Check it out:

E. 147 The Expansion of Brakken Kraker and Leaderboard


Welcome to Episode 147 of the Obstacle Order!

In this Episode, Philip had the chance to interview Brakken Kraker of Leaderboard. Listen to see what Brakken learned from a challenging 2017 race season and how he plans to change things this year. Also, why it’s always good to listen to the advice you give, but not always easy to take it yourself.

Brakken is no longer a member of the Spartan Pro team and will take that opportunity to pick better spots for races this year to help prevent overtraining.  This will also allow him to focus his training and races that cater towards his strengths rather that one Spartan selects him.

Also, learn what can be expected from leaderboard in the future. How will leaderboard change its offerings to become more inexpensive and more tailored. This is a quick call but a great way to catch up with an old friend of the podcast.

You can find Brakken and Leaderboard Here

E. 146 Back to the Grind: Philip and Elijah Catch up


Welcome to Episode 146 of the Obstacle Order Podcast!

In this episode, Philip and Elijah are back from a long break. The focus of this episode is what they have been up to recently and general banter.

Sorry for the wait, but as you know all good things come to those who wait. This is a great episode with some nuggets of applicable information.

E. 145 Caller Questions and Goal Setting for the New Year


In this episode of the Obstacle Order Philip is in Sunriver, Oregon and answers some questions from OOP tribe callers. The second half of the show is devoted to techniques he finds useful for setting personal goals.

This episode is perfect for this time of year when we renew and refresh ourselves to become better people in the new year. Once you’ve listened please take our call to act on and let us know how you’ll get better while gearing up to create “the next phase of you.”

Share your journey with us:



E. 144 Brian “The X Factor” Gowiski

Welcome to Episode 144 of the Obstacle Order!

In this Episode, Brian Gowiski joins the Obstacle Order to discuss how he beats people that are faster runners than him in OCR events. There are many components to being successful in the sport of OCR.  Speed, endurance, strength and agility to name a few. But in order to have success, you can’t rely on just one. The ability to tie together and galvanize those skills is often what separates pretenders from contenders. Brian has that ability in spades.

Brian Gowiski

If you have spent any time browsing the leaderboards of Spartan Races or any other OCR race for that matter you will find Brian at or near the top. With 7 outright wins and 12 podium finishes in Spartan Race, Brian is no stranger to success in OCR. He was a member of the Worlds Toughest Mudder champion team. Also, as the competition increases he keeps getting better.

Brian Gowiski

Brian is definitely someone to watch out for in 2018! Listen to this podcast to learn about the training block that helped him achieve his breakthrough races at Ashville (3rd NBC race) and West Virginia (6th NBC race).

You can find Brian here:



Check it out!