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E. 126 Brakken Kraker On Broadcasting and Leaderboard Phase 2


Welcome to Episode 126 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Elijah sits down with Brakken Kraker to discuss his experience commentating for the live stream, broadcast of the Palmerton US Championship series race. Brakken breaks down the men’s field and provides insights and expectations for the rest of the season.


If you are new to the show you will not know that Brakken has been a guest in the past on several occasions.  Here are the links to those episodes: Episode 30, Episode 52, Episode 56, Episode 63, Episode 72. You may want to get caught up to have some context for the discussion of LeaderboardFit.


The Obstacle Order was a big part of the launch of Leaderboardfit and we are proud to help the launch of Phase two of Leaderboard, a more custom approach to coaching. Listen for all of the details.