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E. 31 Isaiah Vidal and Yancy Culp: Creating a Super Hybrid Athlete.


Welcome to Episode 31 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Elijah and Philip are two parts of a four way interview with Yancy Culp and Isaiah Vidal.  This episode focused on the coach athlete relationship that Yancy (the coach) and Isaiah (the athlete) have.

The topics discussed are Yancy camp and how that relates to what Isaiah is doing in training and how that could impact a potential member of Yancy Camp.  For more on that, make sure to check out the past episode the Obstacle Order did with Yancy on the topic.

Also, the pair gives the audience insight into what it is like to train for a year round sport with inherent competing physical interests.  In other words, in a sport that requires and athlete perform in races ranging from  3-16 miles of Obstacle Course racing, with money on the line, how do Yancy and Isaiah keep their eyes on world championships when other important races with completely different demands also matter.

When the training for an extended climbing course overlaps with a short course on a motocross track, how does that impact training.  And, when the results don’t measure up in the shorter course, how does Isaiah manage the psychology of not winning.

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