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E. 99 Balancing the Rigors of Training and Recovery


Welcome to episode 99 of the Obstacle Order

Training and Recovery

Wow 99 episodes! Can you believe it has been that many? Happy New Year and thanks for checking out another episode of the Obstacle Order

In this episode Philip and Elijah catch up and lament the end of bulking season and get their preparations set for the base building phase leading into Racing season.

Training Recovery

Topics discussed include: syringes, balls in butts, broken old bodies and more.

For the OCR athlete who has ventured beyond their twenties you may find this episode particularly interesting. As aging weekend warriors Philip and Elijah both used the off season and bulking season to “undue” some of the damage the OCR racing season inflicted.

Training Recovery

Learn how yet again, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to keeping your body supple enough to stay in the game. How do Philip and Elijah balance the rigors of training and recovery? Listen to find how: