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E. 134 David Magida on the 2017 Spartan Championship Series


Welcome to Episode 134 of the Obstacle Order!

In this episode The Obstacle Order has David Magida, the commentator for the Spartan US Championship series and former Spartan Pro Team member.  David discusses with the Obstacle Order the US Championship series results from 2017 and the prospects for the 2017 Spartan Race World Championships in Tahoe.

Listen to find out who David thinks will win the men’s and women’s races in the Spartan Race World Championships in Tahoe. We also dig in on:

  1. How the season has shaped up so far.
  2. Who David thinks wants to win the most?
  3. What is the dynamics between each of the athletes?
  4. Will Ryan Atkins finally stand on top of the Spartan Race World Championships podium?

These questions with David and much more are explored here on the Obstacle Order Podcast!

You can find David here:

His gym – Elevate Interval Fitness



He also has co-authored a book titled “Essentials of Obstacle Race Training” with Melissa Rodriguez which you can find on Amazon and many other bookstores.

Tune into the podcast below or download it on iTunes!  Please leave us a review and share with your OCR friends to help us reach an even larger OCR audience that would benefit from tuning in.  

E. 81 2015 Spartan World Champ Robert Killian Joins LeaderboardFit Team


Welcome to Episode 81 of the Obstacle Order

In this episode, Philip and Elijah sit down with the guys from LeaderboardFit.com and the newest addition to their team, Spartan World Champion Robert Killian. He will be joining as coach of the Peak Team.

Robert Killian

Here are the features of Robert’s coaching program

Robert Killian

  • Built specifically to optimize performance at Spartan Race World Championships and OCRWC
  • Weekly themes:  technique, taper, nutrition, diet, gear, warm up/cool down, travel
  • Daily workouts from Killian’s personal training program
  • unlimited access to our private team/coach messaging software w/ constant feedback from Killian
  • Weekly live, interactive video reviews w/ Killian
  • leaderboardfit.com/register – program starts Sunday evening, Sep 4th with a Live video kickoff, training starts Monday, the 5th

listen here: