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E. 135 Tahoe Preview, Fueling Strategies and Pacing


Welcome to Episode 135 of the Obstacle Order!

In this episode of the Obstacle Order Podcast, Philip and Elijah discuss their final preparations for the Spartan Race World Championships at Tahoe. They discuss the details for fueling and how it’s different when at altitude.

E. 129 The Best Way To Get Your Coin, WoW, Tahoe Prep


Welcome to Episode 129 of the Obstacle Order!

In this episode, Philip and Elijah are in the studio at Burlingame Fitness to get up close and personal with your questions. This episode is about Tahoe Prep, workouts of the week, and what is the best strategy to earn a coin.

Also, The Obstacle Order will be a hosting a OCR Clinic at the Savage Barn for $35.  CLICK HERE to get all signed up!

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E. 101 Spartan Pro Faye Stenning on Power, Speed and Endurance


Welcome to Episode 101 of the Obstacle Order

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down with Spartan Pro Faye Stenning. Faye Stenning is a very accomplished Spartan Racer who finished 3rd place at the 2016 Spartan Race World Championships.

Faye Stenning

Faye is currently launching a coaching service called Grit Coaching. She has teamed up with Olympic 5k runner Jessica O’connell to create a coaching platform that will help many people reach their OCR goals.

Faye Stenning

The focus of this episode is the underlying principle behind the creation of the methodology for Grit Coaching. Listen to learn about the difference between aerobic, aerobic power, and anaerobic training. Also, find out the best way to structure your training relative to your goals and timeframe for a season.

Faye Stenning

You can find Faye here:




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E. 87 Tahoe Hangover, Donald Trump, and Soiled Pants: Philip and Elijah Catch Up


Welcome to Episode 87 of the Obstacle Order,

Tahoe Hangover

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss how they have kept busy during the off week following the Spartan World Championships at Tahoe. This episode is certainly on the lighter side, but is not completely devoid of OCR relevant material.  That said, if banter is not your favorite, this might not be the episode for you.

One of the topics discussed was the merits of doing back to back races on a weekend. In this sport, the excitement of competing and training can often override better judgement. Is racing on back to back days and example of that? If you are going to race back to back days, what is the best way to survive/optimize that process?

Matt Brown will be hosting a Spartan SoS workshop presented by Spartan SGX Nov. 5th  at NorCal Strength and Conditioning November 5th. Spartan pro Brakken Krakker will be there to teach the course.

Please enjoy this episode of the Obstacle Order

Tahoe Hangover

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E. 86 Spartan Race World Championships 2016 Recap


Welcome to Episode 86 of the Obstacle Order Podcast

Philip Trail Run 57f17b69e3dde47a3fe4812d-o

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss their experiences at the Spartan Race World Championships 2016. Spartan Race went to school on what they got wrong last year and knocked this race out of the park.

Philip Dunk Wall

It was a tale of two races and the altitude and heavy carries got the best of Elijah and Philip flourished in the grind to have his best finish of the year.

Elijah Dunk Wall

The show opens with some light banter and transitions to detailed retelling of the course and each guys individual performance on said course.

57f14dbae3dde47a3fe45fab-oPhil Log Carry

Next up some shot outs to people they met on the course.

Finally Philip and Elijah discuss the elite mens results and the state of the sport.

Spartan World Championships 2016

Listen here:

E. 85 Tahoe Intel, 2016 Spartan World Championship Predictions, and Fueling Strategies for Altitude


Welcome to Episode 85 of the Obstacle Order,

Spartan World Championship

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss their final preparations for the 2016 Spartan World Championships at Squaw Valley. Elijah discusses his last key workout before the race and defines “tempo pace”. Philip offers some sweet intel from the course he was able to gather while training on the course.

Spartan World Championship

In this final Episode before the 2016 Spartan World Championships no stone is left unturned. From weather forecasts to adjusting warm up strategies, this episode has you covered.

Please enjoy and we will see you on the mountain!

Download the Updated Rulebook for Spartan Race Here (multiple attempt obstacles added):

Official Rulebook_Final Edit_092816 (1)

Ape Hanger in Tahoe!

E. 81 2015 Spartan World Champ Robert Killian Joins LeaderboardFit Team


Welcome to Episode 81 of the Obstacle Order

In this episode, Philip and Elijah sit down with the guys from LeaderboardFit.com and the newest addition to their team, Spartan World Champion Robert Killian. He will be joining as coach of the Peak Team.

Robert Killian

Here are the features of Robert’s coaching program

Robert Killian

  • Built specifically to optimize performance at Spartan Race World Championships and OCRWC
  • Weekly themes:  technique, taper, nutrition, diet, gear, warm up/cool down, travel
  • Daily workouts from Killian’s personal training program
  • unlimited access to our private team/coach messaging software w/ constant feedback from Killian
  • Weekly live, interactive video reviews w/ Killian
  • leaderboardfit.com/register – program starts Sunday evening, Sep 4th with a Live video kickoff, training starts Monday, the 5th

listen here: