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E. 145 Caller Questions and Goal Setting for the New Year


In this episode of the Obstacle Order Philip is in Sunriver, Oregon and answers some questions from OOP tribe callers. The second half of the show is devoted to techniques he finds useful for setting personal goals.

This episode is perfect for this time of year when we renew and refresh ourselves to become better people in the new year. Once you’ve listened please take our call to act on and let us know how you’ll get better while gearing up to create “the next phase of you.”

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E. 144 Brian “The X Factor” Gowiski

Welcome to Episode 144 of the Obstacle Order!

In this Episode, Brian Gowiski joins the Obstacle Order to discuss how he beats people that are faster runners than him in OCR events. There are many components to being successful in the sport of OCR.  Speed, endurance, strength and agility to name a few. But in order to have success, you can’t rely on just one. The ability to tie together and galvanize those skills is often what separates pretenders from contenders. Brian has that ability in spades.

Brian Gowiski

If you have spent any time browsing the leaderboards of Spartan Races or any other OCR race for that matter you will find Brian at or near the top. With 7 outright wins and 12 podium finishes in Spartan Race, Brian is no stranger to success in OCR. He was a member of the Worlds Toughest Mudder champion team. Also, as the competition increases he keeps getting better.

Brian Gowiski

Brian is definitely someone to watch out for in 2018! Listen to this podcast to learn about the training block that helped him achieve his breakthrough races at Ashville (3rd NBC race) and West Virginia (6th NBC race).

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E. 143 Cole Schwartz Geeks Out On The Off Season


Welcome to Episode #143 of the Obstacle Order!

In this episode, Phil sits down with OCR young gun, Cole Schwartz. With the season officially closed Cole and Phil discuss what their plans are for off-season training and staying fit while not training specifically for OCR.

These two geek out on muscle contractions, hand release pushups and the importance of observing the cycles of fitness that the human body needs to regenerate and produce gains. Tune in to hear a recap of the recent fiasco at the AT&T park Sprint and how it affected some well and others not so well.

Episode #143 is coming at you right here and right now from the Obstacle Order Podcast!

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E. 142 Rising OCR Star Mike Ferguson


Welcome to Episode 142 of the Obstacle Order

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down with up and coming rock star athlete in the OCR world Mike Ferguson.  They discuss many topics about OCR but here are the main questions they discuss:

Mike Ferguson

What are the steps necessary to go from a non-competetive runner to a podium contender?

Mike Ferguson

How does someone make the jump from Upper to mid elite into true elite status in OCR?

Listen to this episode to find out

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E. 141 Obstacle Order is Back! ATT Park Recap


Welcome to Episode 141 of the Obstacle Order,

Philip and Elijah return from a short hiatus of recording and releasing episodes to do a recap of the ATT Park Stadium race. In this episode, you will hear about what Philip and Elijah have been up to as well as a detailed recap of the Stadium race at ATT park.

ATT Park

They also address concerns with 2018 race format and qualifying for World Championships. For example how that will impact the off-season and how to structure training.

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E. 140 Nicole Mericle: Good Grip + Great Running = Winning OCR


Welcome to Episode 140 of the Obstacle Order!

Nicole Mericle

In this Episode, Elijah sits down with Nicole Mericle.  In this episode, you will learn Nicole’s background and why she has the perfect combination of skills to be a great OCR athlete. Unlike most pure runners of her stature, (division 1 level track and cross country athlete) Nicole also has strong grip from rock climbing.  So it wasn’t hard to quickly get the hang of OCR races and excel at them.

Nicole Mericle

This show goes deep into her story of what led her to OCR and the tactics she uses to improve her weakness. Listen for cool tips to improve grip strength and grip endurance. This episode is packed with great information and is one you won’t want to miss.

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InstagramNicole Mericle

E. 139 Listener Q and A: Taper, Travel and First Race advice.


Welcome to Episode 139 of the Obstacle Order!

Spartan Race World Championship

In this Episode Philip and Elijah sit down to answer your questions! This episode is dedicated entirely to responding to listener questions. Philip and Elijah did not get completely caught up on the back log of questions so if you have asked one and it has not been covered, please be patient.

The first question is how to handle international travel bracketed by two races. The second ask for advice on how to taper for a beast. The third is for beginning racers. What to expect and how to go about preparing for the first race day.

Thanks for the support and please don’t forget to call our hotline to ask questions and leave us a review on iTunes.

E. 138 Yancy Culp on Spartan World Championships and Race Recap


Welcome to Episode 138 of the Obstacle Order Podcast!

This is a special Tahoe Spartan World Championship recap episode. For the first portion of the show Yancy Culp joins Philip and Elijah to go over the results of the men’s and women’s pro wave. It was a super stacked field on the men’s and women’s side.

Spartan Race World ChampionshipSpartan Race World Championship

Afterwards, Philip and Elijah fill in the gaps from their short recap episode they released earlier this week. Listen to find out their big take aways from the race as well as what worked and what didn’t work in the gear selection

Spartan Race World ChampionshipSpartan Race World Championship

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E. 137 Quick Post Tahoe Recap


Welcome to Episode 137 of the Obstacle Order Podcast!

Tahoe Recap

In this Episode Philip and Elijah are doing some post Tahoe Recovery Work! This episode was recorded hours after the Spartan Race World Championships. They happened to be going back and forth from the Sauna to the Cold plunge. It’s a short recap that will be followed by a longer more detailed Recap of the Spartan World Championships.

E. 136 Alexandra Walker on Gear, Grip and the Daily Grind

Welcome to Episode 136 of the Obstacle Order!
Alexandra Walker MudGear
In the latest Episode of the Obstacle Order Podcast Philip sits down with Alexandra Walker of Yancy Camp and the MudGear Pro Team. The show also features the MudGear CEO, Alex Thrasher, or Malko.
Tune in as we discuss training strategies, dissect gear and talk about time management while training for longer effort and cold weather races.”
Alexandra Walker
You can find Alexandra on Social Media:
Alexandra Walker
You can shop on MudGear here:
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