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E. 87 Tahoe Hangover, Donald Trump, and Soiled Pants: Philip and Elijah Catch Up


Welcome to Episode 87 of the Obstacle Order,

Tahoe Hangover

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss how they have kept busy during the off week following the Spartan World Championships at Tahoe. This episode is certainly on the lighter side, but is not completely devoid of OCR relevant material.  That said, if banter is not your favorite, this might not be the episode for you.

One of the topics discussed was the merits of doing back to back races on a weekend. In this sport, the excitement of competing and training can often override better judgement. Is racing on back to back days and example of that? If you are going to race back to back days, what is the best way to survive/optimize that process?

Matt Brown will be hosting a Spartan SoS workshop presented by Spartan SGX Nov. 5th  at NorCal Strength and Conditioning November 5th. Spartan pro Brakken Krakker will be there to teach the course.

Please enjoy this episode of the Obstacle Order

Tahoe Hangover

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