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E. 131 Two Time Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Champion Ian Deyerle


Welcome to Episode 131 of the Obstacle Order,

In this Episode, Elijah and Philip sit down with Ian Deyerle. Ian is a long time obstacle racer and former member of the Spartan Pro Team. Ian has also been part of the two teams that have won the Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge show.

In this episode, they take a look at what happens behind the scenes of TV and what it was like to compete on the show.  Also, some tips and tricks to get on the show.

Ian talks about his minimalist high-intensity approach to training and more.

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E. 117 Gettin’ Ginger With It: Bryan the Ginger Spartan, a Talk with an OCR Celebrity

Welcome to episode 117 of the Obstacle Order!
Bryan the Ginger
In this episode,  Bryan “the Ginger Spartan” joins Phil for a conversation about leadership out on course, becoming an OCR celeb and what it’s like to drag a full grown man across a dirt arena after he’s just thrown you on the ground.
Bryan the Ginger
We dive into the specifics of what it takes to be such a positive force in the community and get into the specifics of the good and the bad times that Bryan, and many of us, have had to overcome.
Bryan the Ginger
This episode is packed with useful information from “the Ginger Spartan” himself so download and listen up!
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E. 67 Maggi Thorne- Spartan Team Challenge (Team Grit), Miss International, State Champion, American Ninja Warrior


Welcome to Episode 67 of the Obstacle Order,

Maggi Thorne

In this episode Elijah sits down with Maggi Thorne. A small amount of her list of accomplishments include, Miss International 2014, Worlds Toughest Mudder Runner up 2013 and Member of team Grit on the new show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.  Yes, that was a mouthful and yes Maggi is all of those things and much more. Maggi is a true inspiration. Six years ago she turned personal tragedy into a life of serving others and kicking a lot of butt along the way!

Maggi with Team Grit

In this episode you will learn how Maggi went from being a workaholic who often was not there for her family and friends to a person who donates her time to charity.

Maggi Thorne Herc Hoist

Learn the unique way in which Maggi prepared for the WTM and went onto run 70+ miles having not run over 8 at once previously. Maggi is great and her light burns bright! This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Soles for souls: give shoes give love

Find Maggi on Social media, she would love to hear from you!

Facebook: Maggi’s athlete page


Instagram: @nvr_gvup

E. 65 American Ninja Warrior’s Kevin Bull: Optimal Grip Programming and Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge


Welcome to Episode 65 of the Obstacle Order!

Kevin Bull

In this episode Elijah sits down with American Ninja Warrior Star Kevin Bull. Kevin is a member of the team Grit on the upcoming show Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.  Kevin started out as a Collegiate Decathlete in which he won the conference title at CSU Stanislaus. Training for decathlon  helped him to learn how to best allocate time to training when the demands of a sport are multifaceted.  He also started doing Crossfit once his collegiate career was over.  He saw American Ninja Warrior on TV and then decided to try out for the TV show and made it!

You will want to listen to this episode because Kevin shares some tips on how an OCR athlete can maximize their time when it comes to grip strength and endurance. Listen to this episode to see how you can be the most efficient for everything from the multi-rig to the herc hoist and everything in between.

Also, you can learn why specificity is not always best when getting prepared for obstacle racing. And who Kevin thinks would have a better shot transitioning between sports, and ANW or a Spartan.

Topics discussed:

Kevin’s Athletic Background

Optimal programming for Grip strength and Endurance

What is “contact strength” and why that is important for events that challenge your grip

Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

Kevin Bull
Team Grit, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

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