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E. 89 Glenn Racz Spartan World Championship Recap


Welcome to Episode 89 of the Obstacle Order!

Glenn Racz

In this Episode Elijah sits down with Glenn Racz. In this Episode Glenn talks about how he structured his training to peak at just the right time and have an awesome performance at the Spartan World Championships.

Glenn Racz

Glenn gives some great pointers on how to balance a busy life with professional, family and athletic obligations. Listen to find out what it takes to achieve at a high level both on and off the course!

Glenn Racz

If you follow Glenn on Social media it was hard to miss the gash he created on his knee during the race. Glenn tells that story along with an awesome play by play of the course.

Glenn Racz

Check it out. If you missed our first episode with Glenn check it out here

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E. 83 Double Sandbag, Tahoe, and Conquering Hills


Welcome to Episode 83 of the obstacle Order!

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to discuss how they are prepping for the Spartan World Championships at Squaw Valley Ski resort. Elijah discusses some of his recent workouts including integrating the double sandbag carry. The hosts discuss implications of carry techniques in terms of course sequencing.

Double Sandbag

Also, Philip discusses the 3,3,3 workout and why that will be helpful to apply directly to a race situation.

Double Sandbag

Have you waited until the last minute to prepare for Tahoe? Then you’ll want to listen to this episode.

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Ep. 55 BattleFrog Results and Training – Phil and Elijah catch up


Welcome to Episode 55 of the Obstacle Order.

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to catch up and recap their results from the BattleFrog San Francisco race. This is a fun episode with some cool insights into Elijah’s training.

Eli BattleFrog

The topics covered are the importance of assessing. Learn what the phrase: “If you ain’t assessing, your guessing” is all about.

Elijah goes over his latest MAF results. This leads the host to discuss garmin GPS accuracy as well as in general why it is so important to continually track your progress.

Both Philip and Elijah give detailed accounts of their experience at BattleFrog San Francisco including, course design, the platinum rig, mandatory obstacle completion, the two lap format and more! Also covering is why underestimating and obstacle course or being underprepared is never a good idea. And what is the deal with distance creep?

Phil BattleFrog

Elijah laments about altitude at Squaw valley and questions  whether or not he will be competing at the Spartan World Championships.

Finally Elijah describes some of the training he has been doing and what is next on the agenda for the race season. 

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E. 44 Spartan Pro Kate Cramer: High Expectations and Becoming a Spartan Pro


Welcome to Episode 44 of the Obstacle Order

In this episode, Elijah sits down with Spartan Pro Kate Cramer. Kate is a recent addition to the female Spartan Pro team.  Her primary athletic background is in Soccer where she excelled as a Division one player at LSU.  Kate is an impressive athlete with a winners mindset. Expect great things in the future from Kate Cramer.

Specific topics covered:

Background: Kate’s transition from soccer, to triathlon to working mom, to Spartan Race

First Spartan Race: What she learned from 300 burpees

Becoming a Spartan Pro: the spartan combine and getting full attention of the brass at Spartan

2015 in review: NBC race results including Montana, Breckenridge and Spartan World Championships

Training Strategies: climbing, keeping speed, and becoming obstacle proficient.

Mindset: sacrifice and balance

Contact Kate on Facebook

Website: www.katecramer.com

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E. 41 Spartan World Championship Sac Super


Welcome to Episode 41 of the Obstacle Order

In this Episode Philip and Elijah are reunited after a long time apart from recording episodes together.  Here they recap the Spartan World Championship and the Sacramento Super.  Also, they talk about their future plans in Obstacle Racing and training.

This episode Elijah and Phil recount how the Spartan World Championships went.  What were their struggles.  What were the highlights.  This is a fun episode that is easy to listen to.  It’s possible you will learn something as well.

Check it here:

E. 32 Chad “the Wolverine” Trammell: From Pure Runner to Hybrid Obstacle Racer


Welcome to Episode 32 of the Obstacle Order,

In this episode Elijah sits down with stand out Spartan Athlete Chad “the Wolverine” Trammell.  Trammell is a pure runner with a background in Division I cross country at Pepperdine University.  As a young runner Trammell always enjoyed things like rock climbing lifting, but those things tended to detract from his running abilities, which is why when he discovered obstacle racing that seemed to be a perfect fit.  He could now marry the activities he loved with his naturally fleet feet.

That combination has proven greatly successful in the world of Obstacle Racing, as the Wolverine has amassed two victories, four second place finishes and has yet to finish outside of the Top 10 in any of the Spartan Races in 2015.  As of the airing of this episode, Trammel sits 10th in the point series and is a threat to win any race he enters.

Trammell exploits his love for running in the mountains of Alaska.  Recently he completed a sky running series event called Run The Rut.  This event has no obstacles, but will serve as a great prep for the Spartan World Championships at Squaw Valley, CA.

Trammell explains his learning process for transitioning from a pure runner to an Obstacle Racer.  It took some humbling experiences with heavy carries for him to learn that he would need to switch up his training in order to not only rely on simply being naturally a faster runner than his competitors. Learn how he did that in this podcast.

You can find Chad on Facebook

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