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E. 94 Philip and Elijah Catch Up: Bulking Season Continues, Spartan Changes the Definition of a Year.


Welcome to Episode 94 of the Obstacle Order

Bulking Season

In this episode Elijah and Philip sit down to discuss bulking season, the off season , Spartan’s new Season pass. When is a good time to take a break and what is the best thing to focus on during the off season. Philip explains some cool exercises he has been doing.

Is full range of motion in the Squat necessary to improve maximum force output?

Should Spartan prorate the season pass for people that bought theirs in the middle of the year?

When is a good time to do curls in the Squat rack?

If you were stranded on a desert island ( with a squat rack and weights) and had to pick one exercise heavy dead lifts or heavy squats, what would you pick?

Those questions and more are answered on this episode of the Obstacle Order

Listen here!: