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E. 116 Steve “The Trailmaster” Hammond


This is Episode 116 of the Obstacle Order,

Steve Hammond

If you have ever done a Spartan Race, you may have seen a long bearded man running around the course at Spartan Races or driving around on an ATV.  Well, that is Steve Hammond. Steve is the West Coast course setter for Spartan Race. He and his team are to blame for the sequencing and placement of obstacles as well as the course setting.

Steve Hammond

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah take a look under the hood of what goes into setting up a Spartan Event with Steve Hammond. From the festival area to equipment management they take a close look at what goes into some of the decisions behind how a course is laid out. This is a quick call with a ton of great information about the logistics of how a course is set.

Steve Hammond

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