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Motivation Monday’s: Courtney Knapp How to Find Balance in Training


Welcome to Episode 59 of the Obstacle Order.

Motivation Monday’s is back! Sorry for the wait.

This is a unique version of Motivation Monday because it highlights an athlete that primarily had to overcome her tendency to train too hard. This is not a weight loss story, this is not a story of a person overcoming a physical disability to conquer their fears.

It’s the story of Courtney Knapp who has had to overcome her own mind and natural tendency to overtrain and neglect her body’s needs.  Courtney explains how as a 20 year old college runner she lost years of training and performance because she was overtrained and undernourished. Also, Courtney learned to respect where she was at as an older athlete and trust the process of training harder not smarter. After a 8 year layoff from any competitive athletics she has found a resurgence of her athletic career in OCR and triathlon.

Courtney Knapp

Elijah interviews Courtney and extracts some very valuable nuggets that Courtney has picked up along the way. These strategies not only keep her in the game rather than on the sidelines, but have her improving with minimal stress load and maximal effect.

From grip strength, to running speed, to running endurance, Courtney explains why more is not always more. If you ever struggle with overtraining and thinking you have to “win” every workout, your going to want to listen to this episode.

Courtney Knapp

Courtney loves to share her passion for sport and finding balance with others on that journey. She prefers Instagram to Facebook FYI, but says she won’t mind being contacted on either.

Check her out on Instagram: @tougherthanatwodollarsteak

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Also, she mentions the TPK endurance, sounds pretty sweet!

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