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E. 110 America’s Toughest Mudder with Philip Levi


Welcome to Episode 110 of the Obstacle Order,
Philip Levi

In this episode, the show is dedicated to Philip Levi and his experience in the 8 hour America’s Toughest Mudder event. So for this call Elijah actually interviews Philip.

Philip Levi

On the show they discuss Philip’s various struggles around actually getting to the event. Also, the basics of the event. What is it and why would it be a good idea to do it? Philip describes many of the Obstacles as well as the two course race format.

Philip Levi

The toughest mudder is an 8 hour lap format race in which you complete as many laps as possible in the allowed time. This race took place in Southern California and was the first of it’s kind.


E. 104 Evan Perperis, Training for the Long Haul

Welcome to Episode 104 of the Obstacle Order!
 Evan Perperis
In this episode Philip gets inside the meticulous mind of Evan Perperis. We last interviewed Evan in E. 95 and highly recommend listening to that episode to get more on his background.
Evan Perperis
Evan sheds light on training for the long haul. Preparing for endeavors longer than the usual distance such as Ultra Running, The World’s Toughest Mudder and The Spartan Ultra Beast!
Inside you’ll find coverage of when and how to fuel, what gear to bring and why your pit crew is so important. Also discussed… passing out under water! What? Yep.
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Evan Perperis

Evan can be found at:


He contributes to Obstacle Racing Media and Mud Run Guide


E. 100 Philip and Elijah Recap Two Years of OCR Podcasting


Welcome to Episode 100 of the Obstacle Order Podcast!

Obstacle Order Podcast

In this episode Philip and Elijah sit down to reminisce about the genesis and growth of the Obstacle Order Podcast. 100 tends to be a great milestone to achieve and for this podcast that represents two years of fun and dedication to covering the sport of OCR.

Obstacle Order Podcast

You have heard from experts on fitness, biomechanics, Pro Spartan athletes, and to inspirational open class racers. Philip and Elijah have enjoyed meeting listeners, hearing from listeners and of course having small arguments on air for all of you to hear.

Obstacle Order Podcast

It’s been a fun ride and we are only just getting started. This episode serves as a sincere thanks to everyone that started with us during our rocky beginning and who are still with us today as well as our brand new audience. It’s been a fun ride and we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of you. Please share the content with your friends and enroll them in the possibilities you have discovered through listening to the shows weekly. And of course we’ll see you on the mountain.

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E. 84 Scott Keneally, Writer and Director of “Rise of the Sufferfests”


Welcome to episode 84 of the Obstacle Order!

In this episode Philip sits down with Scott Keneally.  Scott is the writer and director of the OCR documentary “Rise of the Sufferfests” a groundbreaking film that explores the fastest growing sport in the world and just why people seem to be so addicted to it. Scott talks about spending time with “Mr. Mouse” on the grounds of arguably the birthplace of the movement of obstacle course racing. Scott touches on how life is different after completing the “Tough Guy” Race Series and becoming a father while making this film.

Scott Keneally

A few points of interest in this episode are:

Where OCR is going,

Touring with Marilyn Manson,

What it’s like working with Hunter McIntyre

Why people should read more books.

Tune in to this episode and get smarter!

To reach Scott you can find him here:




To watch the movie or find out more, watch the trailer below:

E. 48 Chad Trammell: World’s Toughest Mudder Champion


Please welcome Chad Trammell to Episode 48 of the Obstacle Order,

How do you win the hardest obstacle course on Earth?

In this Episode, Philip and Elijah sit down with World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) champion Chad Trammell.  Chad “the Wolverine” Trammell is a dentist in Alaska by day and a sultan of suffer by night. Also, a mountain runner and Spartan Pro.

This interview dissects the tough mudder event itself. What were the obstacles, how did the course designers make this different than other Tough Mudder events.  We discussed penalty laps, psychology and much more.  Chad Trammell explains what he did to prepare for the race and the mindset and physical preparation needed to take on something like this.

Listen to find out what exactly is the World’s Toughest Mudder and how one prepares to endure the 24 hour event. This interview covers the schedule of the event, specifically what it was like for Chad to run from sundown to sun up and many other topics. Have you ever wanted to know what’s it like to do the same obstacle 18 times? You’ll find out here. This is an interview you will not want to miss. Especially if you ever plan on doing something as ambitious as the World’s Toughest Mudder

You can find Chad Trammell here:


Listen here: