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E. 104 Evan Perperis, Training for the Long Haul

Welcome to Episode 104 of the Obstacle Order!
 Evan Perperis
In this episode Philip gets inside the meticulous mind of Evan Perperis. We last interviewed Evan in E. 95 and highly recommend listening to that episode to get more on his background.
Evan Perperis
Evan sheds light on training for the long haul. Preparing for endeavors longer than the usual distance such as Ultra Running, The World’s Toughest Mudder and The Spartan Ultra Beast!
Inside you’ll find coverage of when and how to fuel, what gear to bring and why your pit crew is so important. Also discussed… passing out under water! What? Yep.
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Evan Perperis

Evan can be found at:


He contributes to Obstacle Racing Media and Mud Run Guide