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Vegas Super Spartan: An Epic Journey


Welcome to Episode 58 of the Obstacle Order.

In this Episode Philip and Elijah catch up and recount their experience during the Vegas Super Spartan. This is not a detailed, training strategy focused episode. It’s more a story of how Philip and Elijah’s get to the the “Vegas” super, what it was like for them and what Philip and Elijah learned about themselves through the event.

Elijah talks about shifting his perspective in order to achieve greater things. Why having unknown workouts is a good thing despite the fact that he hates not being able to prepare days in advance of workouts.

In this episode there is a healthy amount of banter with a few gold nuggets of information along the way. Including a detailed breakdown of the Wok Pull and an exercise that you can incorporate into your training to prepare you for battle on race day.

Also, Elijah explains the workout he did the morning of the recording.It’s a fun episode! Check it out here: